29 December 2009

Can't believe it's been a year...

I've often mentioned to people lately how I feel like my life hasn't stopped moving, very quickly, since October. But when I really think about it, it's more like August...anyways, here's a year in review to help me remember what I did with 2009 and help you understand why I'm crazy lazy.January
January brought lots of lazy time. I was adjusting to being a wife after the holidays. Took Robert to a Laker game for his birthday present. And froze my booty off.
February brought romantic dates to the Pantages on wet rainy nights. A Valentine's Days to remember for years to come. Oh, and more freezing.

March made me 24. I had a hard time with it, it was strange (I laugh at this now that I soon face twenty-FIVE!). April
April brought another Simonsen. And made me a makeshift wedding planner to boot.


Most of what I remember from May was eating at Phillipe's. It was delicious and I've yet to go back, this is especially sad since I work in downtown.


June ended rough, to say the least. It was a time to be thankful for husbands with level-heads.

July started out rough as well, but was soon remedied with a much needed two-day vacation to Palm Springs. We died in the 112 degree temps, we swam at midnight and laid in the air conditioned cottage, it was perfect.


August brought a new car and news of moving to bigger pastures. That's all, told you it got fuzzy.

September left me lonely (Robert went to Chicago), resentful (on missing said Chicago trip), fever blistered (after a lovely case of sun-poisoning) and frantically packing for said bigger pastures.


October brought a new home, a good home, somewhere we can stay and experience every season in.


Oh...November. It brought me my long lost love...Savannah, GA. I feel as though November will always mean good things now that it's my anniversary as well as Thanksgiving time. Best time of year spent in the best place.

And December, well read all about it here.

Good-bye 2009, you brought me joy and tears. Now onto 2010 so I don't have to say "two-thousand and nine, etc." anymore. Here, Here for "twenty-ten!"

22 December 2009

favorite quote today.

In an email:

"This is why people hate Mormons"

Thanks for the laugh Michael Johnson.

christmas in the aiirrrr...

All time favorite part of "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" Thumbs up to Charles Schulz for not even trying to be PC, we need more people like him in the entertainment industry.

16 December 2009

my brother's an artist.

Ever since I can remember Trevor has been an artist.

My first memories of his drawings were in Sacrament meeting when the time came when we were finally allowed to scribble all over the program. As we both drew furiously in an attempt to stay awake throughout the meeting (don't judge.) I quickly started noticing his drawings were way better than mine. In my naive mind I thought I could get as good...but it never happened (hence the Art HISTORY major...).
Then 3 or so years ago after a strenuous application process to the Art Center College of Design, I received a call whilst out with some friends that he had gotten in. I was so, so proud of him.
And now, 3 years later, he not only has met and married an equally talented gal, but he has graduated with a degree in Illustration. And seriously? I know his career has really just begun and he will be big and famous soon enough but it's really awesome to have seen this all happen.

That's my little plug for my brother, I love him so much. Congrats Treee-vorr.

Now go here and give him a job!

14 December 2009

11 days?!

So I really I had it all pulled together this holiday season...I had bought 75% of Robert's gifts the day after Thanksgiving and the plans were 50% done for his birthday.
But then I was at church yesterday and our sweet RS presidency insisted on reminding all of us that there were "12 days til Christmas!" To which an immediate feeling of panic came over me. So here is my list of things I would like to get done pre December 22nd (in order for me to actually be able to enjoy my short-lived Christmas break)...

  • Mop kitchen floor...if you could only see the things splattered on there you'd be convinced I was one of those pack-rat people on the a&e.
  • Put up curtains.
  • Put on new duvet cover which was purchase 2 weeks ago now.
  • bake. bake. bake.
  • Entertain friends.
  • bake. bake. bake.
  • Finish buying presents for Robert's side of the fam.
  • De-sanitize downstairs bathroom after our over-flowing toilet incident that put poop-water all over everything (including the rug I was going to return - blast.)
  • clean. clean. clean.
  • Spend time with my niece/little sister before she moves to Hawaii like a big girl.
  • Host a birthday party for the nicest/handsomest/gentlest/calmest man I know.
  • bake. bake. bake. (this time for work peeps.)

I think that's all... I could really be wrong. The key? Do it all with a smile on my face, because it's Chwistmas!

Favorite memory about this time of year: Christmas 2007, Robert and I's first real Christmas together and me realizing that this man LIVES for Christmas especially Disneyland Christmastime. and each year i get to remember it all over again...I love being married to someone who is just as set on having a classic Christmas as me!

04 December 2009

Oh Mariah.

I know she's crazy now. But don't you girls even TRY to tell me that when this video came out you didn't want to be her and have her hair.
In fact, I STILL want to get some cut off shorts, a too short sweatshirt, some rollerblades and skate around a carnival singing this song.

Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Official Music Video) - Click here for more blooper videos

who's in?

03 December 2009


I've loved M.Ward's work for a while now, and now with Zoey??...oh geez.

25 November 2009

21 November 2009

home thoughts.

1. I sit in the biggest mess left by myself for myself pre-vacation.

2. The sight of Paula Deen and/or Ruby makes me almost burst into tears for Savannah.

3. Josh and Kristen are moving in today, that's happy.

4. Robert's out surfing/helping move and being away from him is really weird.

5. I will blog soon about Savannah...all the while wishing I could live last week over and over and over and over and over again.

04 November 2009


Reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. Robert's been a Dickens fan for a long time (hence his yearly reading of 'A Christmas Carol') but this is my first crack at the classic. And it's ridiculously good.

"I am indebted for a belief I religiously entertained that they had been born on their backs with their hands in their trousers pockets, and had never taken them out in this state of existence." (on the working class)

"That was a memorable day to me, for it made great changes in me. But, it is the same with any life. Imagine one selected day struck out of it, and think how different its course would have been. Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation of the first link of one memorable day."

14 October 2009

Would you come with me?

As I drove to work this morning on soggy streets a couple songs came on.
The first reminded me of being 19/20 years old in Provo, UT. It reminded me of my first boyfriend (yes my first boyfriend was when I was 20, and I'm proud of that), it reminded me of being unconditionally kind because I lived in Utah, and that's what I felt like you should do when you live there.
The next song reminded me of being 21 years old in Huntington Beach, riding my bike (or a borrowed roommate's bike most likely) down soggy beach paths listening to a song that spoke to my heart about a boy I knew I could love if he just gave me a chance, thank goodness he did. But more than that, this second song reminded me of a time when I could go weeks (weeks) without eating dessert, of a time when I would eat so healthy it was weird to some people but so practical to me, of a time when I would go running everyday rain or shine, of a time when I would skip studying for midterms and go to Disneyland instead.

These thoughts flooded my body and I tried to control them so as to not make myself sad and then I tried to think of all the things I have now, because they are the things I wanted then, I just never knew what else would come with them.

Then I read Cjane. If you don't read her blog, you should, you'll want her as your bff.

Anyways, she posted today about being a woman and some advice her neighbor gave her. Granted, her situation is different than mine (i.e. she's with child and has a child and recently went through family trauma) but I feel like it relates nonetheless.

She wrote:

"'There is a point where a girl becomes a woman.' She said. A point where a woman becomes a female warrior. Where her life is no longer a game, it is a genuine battle. Not to survive only, but to survive and be strong.

I think I must be transitioning over the threshold, because I still find myself embarrassed for what I lack. My jokes were funnier, I was clever-er, my ability to keep it all together was intact . . . back then. But now I am in that awkward stage where I am not secure in becoming WOMAN

"I used to be this or that" or "My brain has gone to mush because . . ." because they've had babies, or because they've devoted their lives to other people, or because they've crossed the line of girl to woman, I always think It won't happen to me. Please, don't let it happen to me. But I see now how it happens. Big dreams seem too distracting, physical energy turns into spiritual examination, gray hairs appear. You change, dang it, you just do.

So I've changed. Have I become a woman? Why does that seem to happen as girls get married. I was a 23 year old girl the morning of my wedding day...I look back now and think of all the things I worry about and think about and realize, is this what Women do? I guess so...Or will I not become a woman until I get a baby inside of me? Will that be the transition? ...And I honestly have to say, no. It's happening as I write this, it started happening when I fell in love and knew it was for good and it will keep happening until Robert and I share our 50th anniversary...I don't think it will ever end.

So ok, I'm not as appreciative of this process as Cjane is (I'm getting there alright?!). I am still going to try desperately to get back into my old habits and lose these few pounds I've put on since bc took over my life.
But for now, I simply take comfort in the simple fact that: you change. and might I add, and it's perfectly normal and welcomed.

To read Cjane in all her glory go here:

08 October 2009

that hill was big and long.

  1. I'm staying with my mom this week, she had knee surgery and I am on my shift as her in-home nurse. After 19 years of amazing raising, its the least I could do.
  2. I ran the path I used to run when I lived at home. And I almost died. I am SO out of shape. Guess that flat-cushy-beautiful ocean view path in Newport was doing NOTHING for me.
  3. I made meatballs last night and bread pudding tonight all with my mother's guidance from the couch and my food tasted like hers! It was amazing, I really felt like a woman.
  4. It gets down to 38 degrees at night here. I'm in California still right?
  5. I'm watching the Golden Girls and giggling like a little girl, Sophia is me when I'm 70.
  6. Our new apartment is so fun, our new couch is so fun, my huge new kitchen is so fun.
  7. I haven't worked on my crocheting yet...that's bad. But I need blue yarn.
  8. My little niece Nadia is coming tomorrow morning with her mom, I love them both so much.
  9. Robert just reminded me that The Office is on and it's Jim and Pam's wedding...gotta go cry my eyes out.

22 September 2009

left-behind feline.

So there's this apartment in my complex, it's on the first floor right next to the stairs that go up to the tennis courts which lead to the pool, etc. - a path often traveled. This apartment was particularly interesting because of how well they had decorated their quaint little patio with plants, outdoor storage, weird iron wall plaques, etc. Not only this but they had 3 cats and a big golden retriever, all stuffed into one small apartment. It was these animals that I'd always see passing by on my way to the gym, sometimes one cat in particular was out - a orange tabby cat - and it would meow at me sometimes and I'd pat it's head and continue on my way. These cats were free spirits, they did what they wanted.

Then one day I went to the gym and the wall plaques and elaborate storage devices were gone. The family of pets had moved out. My heart sank a little, but rested assured that they had moved onto bigger and better things.
And it was later in this same day that as I was getting out of my car just home from work I noticed a orange tabby cat sitting on those stairs that lead to the gym. The cat looked at me and meowed super loud multiple times. I thought, 'Could it be that this family of pets has left one lonely cat behind because he was out and about and missed the moving process all together??' I walked over to pet it and it sort of shunned away from me. This made me think this was not the same cat I had grown to love all those gym-filled mornings and I continued on my way. I told Robert about my encounter and that I thought I should leave some tuna out or something but he didn't believe it could be the same cat, and the more we talked about it, so did I.

Until within one week I saw that same loud meowing cat about eight times...and soon I started seeing cat food piles hidden in bush corners or at the top of the stairs. It seemed I wasn't the only one who thought this cat was alone and most likely starving. I felt satisfied in other's achievements of sparing some cat food for this left-behind feline.

I hadn't seen the cat in a while until this morning as I was walking to the parking garage. It trotted by me with a dead mouse hanging from it's jaw, the cat looked skinny and ramped, but still friendly somehow. He walked right past me like something out of a movie, like we were the same him and I. And I couldn't help but chuckle to myself and think, good for him.

the end.

18 September 2009

falling into fall.

circa October 2006

Every year around this time (well for the past 2 years...) as the cold weather happens sooner in the day and the shadows cast richer by 3 o'clock I revert back to when this was all new to me. Back to when life as I knew it was changing, and boy I welcomed it with open arms.

I remember blogging less and less and keeping what I said about him vague and mysterious as to hope no one would figure it out. It was something so special and so sacred to me that I just couldn't express my feelings if I tried.

On the 26th of October 2006 I first mentioned him:
"...and if i could make one wish come true right now, it would be for this frustration to end. a pleasant yet aggravating surprise last night, on his little skateboard down the street and then sitting so far away. it's almost like the fact that this would be worth it, that is making me stand across the room. quiet as ever."
It was my first clue as to his interest, but I refused to believe it.

On the 29th of November 2006 I wrote:
"...on friday, we did the unthinkable. with disneyland passes tomorrow there will be more."
It was our first date. It was unthinkable because it actually happened. Little did I know that 2 years later we'd be on our honeymoon at that time.

Finally on the 3rd of January 2007 I wrote:
"...it's real, it's fun, it's genuine, it's slow, and it's just what I needed/wanted. oh, ro-bear."

It was final, my heart had been stolen. I was his forever, and I knew it. Even though the thought of him and I being official boyfriend and girlfriend still freaked him a little(hence us dating for so long).

We were there to stay. and so we stayed and here we are. forever.

So this is fall to me, a time to wear new coats, new boots and old faithful scarfs. Decorate your home in rich pumpkin colors and admire the power of this world in the storms and magnificent clouds. Also, enjoy freezing empty nights at Disneyland with the love. And remembering it was this miracle of fall into winter that brought us together.
Disneyland, December 2006

love you shmoops.

11 September 2009

go away.

So if you see me within the next 5-7 days and I'm covering my mouth and/or you just can't figure out what the heck is all over my lips/chin. They're fever blisters...so cut me some slack.
Apparently fever blisters are often a reaction of sun-poisoning...yeah, turns out me getting sunburned and then coming home and sleeping for 20+ hours, wasn't just me being tired from a day of fun and sun and Dramamine. And I Guess that bright red shiny face that turned into a lizard skin face that turned into a flaky itchy face simply wasn't enough for my body. Now I'm officially a monster that is addicted to Carmex.

Downfalls: It was really hard to eat my tomato-cheese-basil pizza at lunch.
Upfalls: I'll probably be on a strict diet of Yogurtland and Golden Spoon all weekend :)

Weird fact: for the past 3 years in a row, I've gotten cold-sores/fever blisters/whatever you call them around the August/September time of year. I even have one in the pictures of the day we got engaged to prove it.

Done rambling for now.

My memory of 9/11:

I had just returned from early morning seminary. I walked in my front door and my brother, Trevor, shook his head and kept watching the TV. My mom, having heard me walk in the door ran out to me and hugged me and said, "Have you heard? It's just awful..." in that sweet motherly tone she does so well but it was tainted, tainted by fear and concern. It was her tone that assured me that this event was something that would change our lives and history in the United States. We watched together on her bed as my mother sat with a hand over her mouth and a furrowed brow for a good long while. There was nothing else to do or say.

That day I learned two things: 1. The wars that I had only read about in textbooks were still a very real thing; and 2. I could always rely on my mother's instinct in times of trouble. You see, I think everything is an emergency (heck, Robert choked up some water the other day and I nearly fainted) but it's my mother's instinct that has always been right on key. And when I saw her race up to me with that concern in her face (a concern I've seen very few times and good news has never come from it) and voice on the morning of 9/11...my heart sank.

How do you remember 9/11?

14 August 2009


1. Feelin' woozy today...and it's Friday, naturally.

2. My nose has been cold for 4 hours now.

3. Did you ever have friends like mine in 4th grade where during lunch they decided they didn't like you anymore for no rhyme or reason? This feeling has been on my surface of feelings for a couple weeks now...I love you guys, what did I do?

4. Finding adorable plates for my plate wall is proving to be difficult.

5. I cannot wait to move out of our dark-smoke filled-hole in a wall apt into a beautiful ground floor one with lots of windows...c'mon Woodcrest, let us in already!

6. I've already decorated said apartment in my head.

7. Sometimes I stop caring but then I start again, and I hang out with people that care alot-almost too much...and I remember why I stopped caring, and I stop.

8. I like Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa) but then again I don't when I realize she's so caught up in her East Hampton bubble.

9. I've created a new dream of a house right on Newport Beach, 51st-54th street to be exact, that way I wouldn't have to freeze if I wanted to see Robert surf.

10. I haven't decided about going back to school yet. And I really need to.

05 August 2009


So for the past few days I've been entertaining the idea of going back to school to get my baking and pastry arts skill certificate. Yes, I know a certificate won't mean much...but I just want to learn! And someday open my very own shop...and when I say someday I mean some really far far off day... :)

Would you guys buy all your anniversary, child's birthday and red hat lady cakes from me?

I need to do something better than this job and just looking forward to having babies isn't going to cut it.
And, naturally I'd eventually compete on a Food Network Challenge and blow Kerry Vincent's mind.

31 July 2009

newest favorites.

This is my new favorite Etsy shop I just discovered:

Here's a sample of the things you can buy me off of her shop...
and don't forget the earrings...

I'm going to stop drooling and head to Souplantation now...

27 July 2009

the weekend, in two-parts.

Funniest/Funnest about this weekend:
-Receiving this book from Matty D. ------------------------------->
-Reuniting with Heather and Jess squared.
-Buying a little gem that starts with a V and ends with a -ibe. This ones gonna stick, I promise.
Un-funniest about this weekend:
-Getting stuck on the peninsula with the 10,000 other people who went to look at the monsoon-like waves that were crashing into our lil Newport Beach. (funnest was walking to BJs to wait out the traffic)

24 July 2009


1. Hoping I don't have the swine, and that some sun-bathing will cure my fever.
2. Waiting for someone to email you back about a car you really, really want is awful - harassing phone calls are about to begin.
3. So much going on tonight, I have no idea where I'll end up - just hope it's not in bed, alone, all night until Roberto comes home to tell me how amazing the ocean was. Thank you Tahiti.
4. I want to see Topol in his farewell tour of "Fiddler on the Roof" SO bad.
5. Robert and I are slowly becoming theatre snobs.
6. I can't wait to go spend time with the fam at Nadia's 2nd Birthday tomorrow - and am prepared for her to run away and say "nnnn-oh!" as I try to snuggle her last few precious moments of baby-hood.
7. I got paid today - that's lost its magic since I got married.
8. Happy Pioneer Day - I've always wanted to be in Salt Lake on this day, but I at least wish I was participating in a cake walk.
9. Should we push for it and move to Tustin...I would feel more settled and I think I need that.
10. Am I really? I can't believe I said that last night...but all nerves aside, I think I am, I really, really am.

15 July 2009


1. The chicken in my Lean Cuisine is ridiculously dry.
2. Every time I see a bright red car I start to get emotional.
3. I hate every car besides bright red Pontiac Vibes. or a certain dark blue Toyota corolla.
4. I'm wondering about the possibility of Nona (said blue Toyota corolla) took revenge on me for switching to a better, newer car and therefore Nona bewitched said better, newer car in which case it was totalled.
5. #4 leads me to believe I've been watching too much Harry Potter in preparation for watching the new one this weekend.
6. I can barely sit down in excitement for our weekend getaway.
7. I'm going to the circus tomorrow.
8. I dyed my hair this morning and it's not as blond as I wanted.
9. Water parks and my hair don't mix, Robert is in for a big surprise this weekend.
10. Lean Cuisine is gone, I'm going to need some ice cream now.

25 June 2009

what's new cupcake?

The obsession is slowly setting in. How I long for the days to:
1. have a kitchen big enough and 2. have the money to spend on every baking tool I desire. (cakeart.com)

But for now I sit and gasp and drool over Bakerella's skillz...

But mostly, she won me over today with this:

and I think I'll make a variation of these for 4th of July:

She needs to be on a Food Network challenge, I'll be her assistant and we'll kick Bronwyn's bootay! (as outlined in many of my dreams)

Now I'm going to go buy one of her t-shirts.

19 June 2009

no pomp or circumstance.

Remember how I've been telling everyone that I was done with school...well I was done with the schooling part, but the lost transcripts, misunderstood GE's, etc. etc. part? Well I wasn't done with that. So for the past 6 or so months I've been battling with CSULB to give me my friggin' degree already...well as I do once a week I checked my account - this process is always somewhat depressing as it often says "Request Reviewed" because what is to be reviewed people?! But guess what?? This is what it said today:

: Kari Simonsen

- - - - - Degrees Awarded - - - - -
Degree : Bachelor of Arts
Confer Date : 2009-05-29
Plan : Major: Art: Art History

I GRADUATED!!! I officially am a proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts degree!

I got married one month before finishing school so it all kind of got lost in the process, so I just wanted to let everyone know that it's true I'm a college graduate!!!

12 June 2009

at what age...

So as I sat for my self-manicure today I strummed through my nail polish box and came across something I had completely forgotten about...

So I ask you, at what age is it not okay for a girl to wear neon pink nail polish...
Maybe when she starts to get wrinkly's? Check out those crow's feet around my eyes! Also, I've found extra lines around my mouth when I smile...at least they're just smile wrinkly's...for now.

02 June 2009

modest weddings, etc.

Mormon girls have it made these days when it comes to wedding dresses. The possibilities are endless!! Plus with these little lovelies on the market...it makes it that much more pleasant.If I had only stumbled upon these 10 months ago...but I did love my wedding dress...don't get me wrong.

Other things I'm craving a sewing/craft/office room filled with things like this:

What will August hold? (I know what you're thinking...what about JUNE and JULY? -- we all know what that holds--SUMMER greatness, i.e. watermelons, pool/beach times and bike riding to Balboa--DUH.)

-For my mom: a new home! My mother is the proud owner of a humble little mobile home in a 55+ community equipped with a pool and other lovely amenities. same city, just different ward, I'm so excited for this new adventure of hers! Sad to leave our old home (August will be our last big fam dinner there)...but this means so much happiness for her!

For us: New apt? The Mexican Riviera? Who knows?! -- no really, if you do, please fill me in.

21 May 2009

dang you achilles.

So this coming up Memorial Day has me dreaming of the days when I'd run 6 miles like it was nothing...and getting flashbacks of running through Laguna Hills with a sense of accomplishment! But thanks to my achilles issue...this will never happen again. It was a nice thought while it lasted. But the memory of being sore for 3 months straight helps me stick to my 3 mile runs.
BUT this Memorial Day also has me very excited that Summer is HERE. Well, almost. But a BBQ at the bro-in-laws with pool-time and most likely Bob Marley playing in the background can only mean one thing...hello my friend, my summer friend.

19 May 2009


photo cred: Marth Stewart, not me.

I often feel the need to bake just so I can make something beautiful. It's not the actual result I crave--if I crave anything, it's the batter.

Recent accomplishments: sugar cookies with royal icing, white chocolate raspberry cookies, key-lime cupcakes and double chocolate cupcakes.

That's all my gloating for now, I'll learn to document my culinary adventures before they get eaten up someday...
Also, it doesn't hurt to have the most adorable dishes and serverware ever. Always high on my list.

12 May 2009


So, for as long as I can remember when asked that fateful question of "Whose your favorite actor/actress?" I would say "Tom Hanks"...but now I feel just like I felt when I had a misunderstanding with a best friend and ending up losing that friend in the process (love you mega.)...Tom Hanks has broken my heart.
When news came out about what the show "Big Love" was doing, I followed the path of most of those of my faith and ignored the situation, not fueling the fire.
In this process I was ignorant to the truth behind the show was that Tom Hanks was the executive producer. Not only this but I stumbled upon some hurtful things he said concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in their support of Prop. 8.
One of the worst parts about this heartbreak is I had always heard that he was such a nice guy that was never mean or too snoody...well guess that changed.
I can't even say anymore--I'm honestly hurt, it's so strange. But just to name a few, here are some of my favorite movies, all involving Tom Hanks...

-Toy Story(s)
-You've Got Mail
-That Thing You Do!
-Forrest Gump
-Sleepless in Seattle
-A League of their Own
-The 'Burbs
-The Money Pit

ughhhhh...this is awful.

08 May 2009


note to self: do not go back to 3 years ago on your blog and read each post as a reminder of: how you've gotten no where with your goals, how you don't talk to the friends you had then that much anymore, how you weren't addicted to TV, how you loved your Moorpark professors 100x better than your Long Beach ones, how Luey has past, how the sun and wind flow through your mother's house on a Spring afternoon and doesn't in your tiny apt., how you'd take adventures to LA and all over just because, how you appreciated sunlight and green grass because you were surrounded by it-unlike this urban jungle.

just don't do it, you'll get sad.

too late.

07 May 2009

a few things.

1. High-waisted skirt(and a skirt everyday this week for that matter), flip-flops, no sweater and 75 degrees before 10am made my day this morning.

2. I actually charged my ipod today, my ipod is about 4 years old-really old in computer years and no longer holds a charge for longer than an hour, therefore it requires me to charge it often, which doesn't often happen.

3. Listening to MY music on the way to work, really brightened my day, it's what's been missing.

4. Today is a happy today, today is Thursday night date night! This used to be a tradition between Robert and I when I worked at Bloomingdale's and would often have to close BOTH Friday and Saturday nights, moving our date night to Thursday. It's nostalgia, it keeps our romance alive.

5. I went to our Stake Women's Conference last night and Sister Kathy Clayton spoke (married to Elder Clayton of the Seventy) and she spoke about the long tradition of women wanting to control things and listed things that we CAN'T control, things we SHOULDN'T control, and things we really DON'T WANT to control. It was really good and eye opening, it's amazing what marriage does to you as a woman. I have this child, who is grown up and won't listen to me, but he shouldn't we need to make decisions together and that is what I'm grateful for, having married someone who is smarter than me.

6. I ate an artichoke last night for dinner while watching Pride & Prejudice, I finished the artichoke but not the movie and cannot wait to indulge myself further in it today.

01 May 2009

artist check.

If you have a chance check out this guy's work. His name is Peter Funch and he 'creates mind-bending images by setting up his camera in one spot, shooting pictures for several days at a time, then using Photoshop to blend the separate photographs in thematic ways.'

29 April 2009

there comes a time...

...in every girl's life that she gets so hair pulling bored that the last 30 minutes before her husband comes home are pain-stakingly awful.
So here's my situation, I work part-time still in my office job, this usually consists of a schedule of something like 10am-2pm. Wonderful, I know. And when I first graduated it was grand, I'd get off at 2pm, do some errands, then get home in time for my early bird husband to get off of his 7am-4pm shift at work in Irvine and come home and we had the entire evening together.
And now he got put on a new project where he commutes to LA everyday (via the Metro and Metrolink trains--also why he has to work in LA, that's where their offices are). Which is totally a blessing in disguise because he's getting more experience and doing really well and his company is thriving.
But here his wife sits. I get home at 2pm (sometimes more like 4pm if I have errands to run) and clean up around the house, watch an episode or two of Jon and Kate plus 8 and by this time it's about 5:30 or 6pm. And this is when I haven't heard from my husband yet to tell me he's on his way home. And this is also about the time that I haven't had interaction with another human being for approx. 4 hours. Which is usually fine, except that this happens everyday--who knew I was such a people person?
I finally hear from him that he's on the 5:40 train...this means he'll be home at 7, this gives me time tables on making dinner and doing anything else I wanted to get done before he comes home and this is probably the best part of my day.
He comes home, we have the rest of the evening together, and those painful hours of him not being home and me being desperate for another person to talk to (I have zero cell service in our apartment) have all vanished...as if it never happened.
Now, I'll be honest, this doesn't happen everyday. Somedays I pick him up at the Anaheim station and we go to Disney all night (well until about 9pm) and somedays I get a surprise and he gets on the 3:30pm train, and somedays we go to the Temple and so he has no choice but to be home by 6pm. And so really...these loathsome days of running errands and sitting at home by myself and having just enough to do that I don't call anyone to bug but then end up with way too much time on my hands...they only happen 2-3 times a week.
And now I know what you're thinking "...get a full-time job!" Well you see, I fell through yet another loop hole with CSULB and have not officially graduated. But after much confusion with transcripts and a trip to Moorpark College I should have that fancy degree by the middle of next month. Until then--as in when I can apply for a full-time or part-time job (substitute teaching anyone?), I am in this routine...and am learning to loathe it, I mean love it.
I do have things to keep me busy but none are as fun as having Robert home with me, and that is just the truth.
I'm sticking to it.

28 April 2009

mr. and mrs. mallard.

who really goes to Disneyland for the rides anymore anyways?

offspring. This really made my day, in the Spring this is what I live for. Little webbed families pawning off of Disneyland goers for leftover french fries.

25 April 2009

on marriage. of someone else.

My brother Trevor is getting married tomorrow with the festivities starting today and it all has me thinking. Where has the time gone? But I know where it went, he went on a mission, I started college, then he started college, etc. etc.

But on the years when we grew up, you know when it really counts, when I was a very insecure 12 year old at a new middle school and he was a insecure 16 year old at a new high school. and even before that, we were always best buds.

I remember my mom letting us--after much begging--to share a room together when i was about 5 years old i think. I would always play GI Joe's with my two brothers, they were so cool.

Then we moved to the valley and summers started with traditions such as me bouncing on him every morning around 9am to watch I Love Lucy because he had a TV in his room. And there was my obsession with Bagel Bites, but any time i'd walk away from them he'd eat all 10 or so up in one bite just to be funny. Most of the time he wasn't even hungry!

And countless afternoons in the pool hunting for toys at the bottom and playing with our fun-noodles.

And time went on and we grew up, I got a little more "hip" and so did he, but things were still the same.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad he's getting married, oh never Daniaelle is SO great and fits into our family absolutely perfectly, I'm just having fun looking back at our lives together and realizing this is yet another beginning of something great!

Ok so I'm probably going to ball my eyes out at the wedding. oh well.

22 April 2009

what i did over my summer vacation...

I really want to finish that sentence this fall with a story about an amazing vacation. I keep bugging Robert to take me on a cruise to the Caribbean.
There are SO many options but I'm really liking the 6 or 7-night Western Caribbean cruises that leave from Florida (Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa) and hit these beautiful places:
Stop #1: Labadee -- Royal Caribbean's private island Stop #2: Ochos Rios, Jamaica

Stop #3: George Town, Grand Cayman Stop #4: Cozumel, Mexico
And yes, I am fully prepared to gain 10 lbs of cruise food and use my snorklies again--this time without hyperventilating.
Help me convince Robert, I'm dieing for some fun in the sun before babies, houses, etc. etc. come along.

15 April 2009

cough. shrug. cry.

don't worry, my immune system has failed me once again.

today's goals: thank you cards, avoiding the cold windy weather, laundry, and getting better!!!

if you find me later with tissue stuck up nose and on episode 3,432 of tivo'd Jon and Kate...send in reinforcements.

14 April 2009

loves and not-so-loves.

I have returned from my long weekend in Utah and though a post well-equipped with pictures is soon to be upon us all, I thought I'd quickly list my loves and not-so-loves from my weekend:
  • Meeting Ms. Kirsi, one of the sweetest, well-behaved babies I've met.
  • Finally eating Tucano's and tasting Brazilian cuisine.
  • The french bakery on State St.
  • Burger Supreme with gems like Jeris, Suzanna and Chris Carney.
  • Easter morning drive up Provo canyon.
  • Playing "Bang" until the wee-hours of the night, also one of my new favorite games.
  • Attending the baby's blessing. (and getting her handed off to me for about 15 minutes :))
  • Enjoying way too many Brassfield chocolate chip cookies.
  • Playing farkle, even though i lost. both times.
  • The moment Robert and I realized we were home and rolled down the windows to a moist sea-scented breeze. aaahh.


  • The massive stomach ache I had after Tucano's
  • The not so comfy air mattress.
  • The one hour it took us to drive the one mile separating us and IN-N-OUT in Vegas due to some serious road construction (it still gives me shivers).
  • Not having time to see everyone I love up there :(

And just for the record, the weather forecast for this weekend...



08 April 2009

polish savvy.

When I was a teenager I remember mixing nail polish colors together trying so hard to get the right color that I couldn't find at any store and then...I discovered OPI and Essie and have never been dissapointed.
Last summer it was my obsession with finding a mustard yellow nail polish color...and thus appeared like something out of the heavens as I was wandering my way through Ulta (spending way to much money already) this little beauty.
It was the color on my nails that following weekend when Robert proposed to me...
And today, once again Essie did not let me down as I once again was at Ulta buying my much need face lotion, etc and as I stepped towards the cash register I found this little devil...
Oh it's so turqouisey and wonderful I can barely wait to get home and paint my nails and toes. seriously. Oh and there was a bluer one just waiting for me...next time.

01 April 2009

oh etsy.

On etsy looking at things like this:

and feeling the urge to create, create, create!!!

It has been far too long since I've painted something beautiful. There was one semester when I painted my heart out and realized I had a gift, not for unique scenes or making my "mark" on the art scene, but for color and lines and creating crisp edges. I got an A in that class and let my teacher keep all my work so she could use it as examples for future students. I didn't want it selfishly for my portfolio, the reasons she wanted it were more satisfying than any dust gathering portfolio I could have owned.

I will admit...Nienie's post helped me by sharing this little gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhLlnq5yY7k

31 March 2009

mosaic me.

If I were a mosaic I would look like this:

want to make one of your own?
step 1: go to flickr.com
setp 2: in another window open http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php
step 3: choose 4 columns, 3 rows
step 4: answer the following questions in the search bar of flicker. pick your favorite one on the first page and paste it into your mosaic
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One word to describe you.
12. Your nickname.

30 March 2009

if only...

if only it didn't take me until the age of 23 to realize that I want to be a pastry chef.
if only I had realized this 5 years ago
I'd be one, and I'd be making money.
But would my life have turned out this wonderfully?
Probably not.

thus my sub-par job wins out.

-Mrs. Williams.

26 March 2009


p.s. Why do all indie-rock art majors travel to Asia at some point in their lives? Is it a fad like smoothie joints and sushi?

I for one do enjoy the occasional indie song and majored in Art History (It's in the art buildings and I probably took more art classes than you ever will, so it counts!---excluding my awesome brother and his artist fiancee) and I have NO DESIRE to enter that continent. ever.

Of course this demise started after completing 3 years of required Asian art classes because the Art dept. was afraid they were to "Western centered" -- Well, I live in the West, and I like it here....bring on the impressionists, modernists, surrealists, renaissance-ists, and even the post-impressionists (I do love you Gaugin). That was 3 years spent worrying about things I fully intended to forget...sorry Prof. Brown.

Reason # 230, 928 that I want to live in the South, part of me feels this would not be a bother. I mean really, who from the South's ideal vacation is to Asia?

I am very conservative today.

lunch breaks.

My lunch was so strange today, thought I'd share:

11am: kiwi-eaten with spoon
12pm: half of a Luna bar--Dulce de Leche, not my fav. (hence the "half")
1pm: Cherry Diet Pepsi Big Gulp and overpriced vegetables and dip from 7-eleven.
1:30pm: one bite of BBQ Chicken Pizza leftover from client lunch
2pm: Crumpet with Huckleberry jam thanks to a co-worker who recently traveled to Solvang
2:45pm: 4 bites of snickers cheesecake that is determined to make it into Robert's mouth and not mine--also from client lunch.

I'm still hungry.

25 March 2009

oh you dreamer!

Remember that time the dreams wouldn't stop! They just get more vivid every time, and then he said "sometime" instead of "someday" and for some reason this was hope so they became increasingly strong.

What the heck is my rush?

I don't, then I do, I don't.............then I do. but really...I'm not.

20 March 2009

new favorites.

My new favorite place for yesterday is the Newport Walk-In Urgent Care.
Despite the girl behind the front desk who clearly needed a new vocation or a baby so she could quit or somethin, I had to ask her to repeat every word she said as it was muffled out by the blaring "Days of our Lives" in the background.
Nonetheless, I was the only person there! When have you ever heard of not having to wait at least 45 minutes in a walk-in clinic??
So she took me in, weighed me (much to my dismay as I haven't really worked out in a week), and took me into the room. Checked my vitals and asked my symptoms
"No, I'm not allergic to anything, No I'm not on medication..." which she soon realized was a lie as she said, "Could you be pregnant?" Me now realizing my answer to "Are you on any medication?" is "YES." not "NO." like it has been for 23 years...yikes, dodged that one.
Long story short, the doctor was very nice (even had the same last name as one of my college professors whose classes I always loved the best) and was very satisfied to know I don't drink or smoke and have never had an STD. I always get it "in" with the doctors this way, don't you?? They love mormons!

She gave me some antibiotics and a free sample of Nasonex--which is even more perfect for Robert. I haven't taken antibiotics since I had strep throat when I was about 9, it never seemed worth the trouble of going to the doctor and standing in horrendous pharmacy lines while through your delirious-still-sick-wish-you-could-sit-down state you start to convince yourself you need many of the overpriced goodies found in pharmacies such as the "Ped-Egg", when they finally call your name and then can't find your prescription even though you dropped it off 45 minutes earlier and even had time to go grocery shopping in between!! (No this didn't happen to me yesterday, why do you ask?)

Well, I'm feeling better already, I even did the dishes last night.

Side note: First day of Spring my you-know-what, it's the coldest it's been all week! I've been looking forward to this sweet sweet day of March for so long and you give me this Mother Nature! Srrsslllyy???

14 March 2009

first born.

favorite picture ever, taken Summer 2006
When my sister came over on that day in May of 2001 to tell us that she was pregnant just 4 months as a newlywed we were SO excited...Ms. Isabella was born in January as the first born grand child on both sides of her family, just like her mother. I now have 4 more nieces but Isabella has always held that special "first born" status for me, she's the first little girl that I've ever seen really grow, because I'm the youngest in my family.

Favorite memory with Bell? When she was about 2 and got about 1 inch from my face and whispered "Momo 'nack" meaning "elmo snack" a.k.a. elmo fruit snacks...and yes I gave in.

This tribute is long overdue since her birthday was a couple months back, but I just can't get those luscious red curls out of my head. I love you Ms. Isabella Sophia, you're turning into a beautiful young lady...ugh I can't believe she's 7.

most recent picture, January 2009