28 May 2010

I can do anything good.

I know this is pretty viral by now...but really? She's amazing.

Note: I will create children with this kind of self-esteem.

19 May 2010

On old companies and ugly patterns.

really? ...no, seriously??! (From here.)

When going to Joann's to look through sewing patterns with my mom when I was a wee-one I always remember thinking these people are really trying too hard or too little. Nothing was ever as cute as the things at the department stores (as seen in the picture above).
But we'd make it cute, Momma didn't raise no fool. So that's how she taught me, use patterns to know how to make something (i.e. shirt, skirt, wedding dress...), don't make what they're showing you, it's always too ugly.
As exemplified with my wedding dress:

left: Vogue Pattern picture; right: me on my wedding day!

Now, I'll be the first to admit, this is not the best picture of my dress. But you get the idea.

What'd we change?

  1. Sleeves, style and length (are you kidding me with those pointy things at the hands?!)
  2. Neckline and collar. Their's was too structured, I wanted it more whimsical.
  3. Skirt. The pattern was WAY too poofy and long and princess-esque. Not for me.
  4. Waistline. I might regret it in 20 years, but I love a good baby-doll waist line.

Now, I am falling in love with blogs, especially craft ones (favorite finds are here and here). Because they show me how to sew cute things! C'mon Burda, McCalls and yes, even you Vogue.

So thank you Momma, for teaching me how to sew (though I fought you terribly on it) and more importantly, teaching me how to find what I really want at a craft/fabric store (because we know all those companies aren't doing me any favors.)