31 July 2009

newest favorites.

This is my new favorite Etsy shop I just discovered:

Here's a sample of the things you can buy me off of her shop...
and don't forget the earrings...

I'm going to stop drooling and head to Souplantation now...

27 July 2009

the weekend, in two-parts.

Funniest/Funnest about this weekend:
-Receiving this book from Matty D. ------------------------------->
-Reuniting with Heather and Jess squared.
-Buying a little gem that starts with a V and ends with a -ibe. This ones gonna stick, I promise.
Un-funniest about this weekend:
-Getting stuck on the peninsula with the 10,000 other people who went to look at the monsoon-like waves that were crashing into our lil Newport Beach. (funnest was walking to BJs to wait out the traffic)

24 July 2009


1. Hoping I don't have the swine, and that some sun-bathing will cure my fever.
2. Waiting for someone to email you back about a car you really, really want is awful - harassing phone calls are about to begin.
3. So much going on tonight, I have no idea where I'll end up - just hope it's not in bed, alone, all night until Roberto comes home to tell me how amazing the ocean was. Thank you Tahiti.
4. I want to see Topol in his farewell tour of "Fiddler on the Roof" SO bad.
5. Robert and I are slowly becoming theatre snobs.
6. I can't wait to go spend time with the fam at Nadia's 2nd Birthday tomorrow - and am prepared for her to run away and say "nnnn-oh!" as I try to snuggle her last few precious moments of baby-hood.
7. I got paid today - that's lost its magic since I got married.
8. Happy Pioneer Day - I've always wanted to be in Salt Lake on this day, but I at least wish I was participating in a cake walk.
9. Should we push for it and move to Tustin...I would feel more settled and I think I need that.
10. Am I really? I can't believe I said that last night...but all nerves aside, I think I am, I really, really am.

15 July 2009


1. The chicken in my Lean Cuisine is ridiculously dry.
2. Every time I see a bright red car I start to get emotional.
3. I hate every car besides bright red Pontiac Vibes. or a certain dark blue Toyota corolla.
4. I'm wondering about the possibility of Nona (said blue Toyota corolla) took revenge on me for switching to a better, newer car and therefore Nona bewitched said better, newer car in which case it was totalled.
5. #4 leads me to believe I've been watching too much Harry Potter in preparation for watching the new one this weekend.
6. I can barely sit down in excitement for our weekend getaway.
7. I'm going to the circus tomorrow.
8. I dyed my hair this morning and it's not as blond as I wanted.
9. Water parks and my hair don't mix, Robert is in for a big surprise this weekend.
10. Lean Cuisine is gone, I'm going to need some ice cream now.