22 April 2013


Robert isn't home this evening, off at a work dinner.

So I had this grand plan to put EmmaJane to bed early and have time to myself to watch whatever I wanted and relax!

But I was a little slower to put her to bed.
And I read her 3 books (which I NEVER do - always just one).
And she resisted being put to bed and I kinda let her.
But then I didn't want it to go too far so...
I gave her kisses and hugs real quick-like,
and stuck her in the crib.
And she cried. And screamed "moooommmmmaaaaa!!!".
And she clung to her stuffed animals and blankets for any ounce of comfort.
And I said my usual "Night night EmmaJane, I love you, sleep tight sugar bite."

And I closed the door.

Then...I regretted it.
She cried harder.
Screamed my name even more pathetically.
I should've put off bedtime even longer.
I think I needed her as much as she needed me.

And that my friends, is motherhood to me.

26 March 2013

Whose been feedin ya??

That part in Elizabethtown when Drew first drives into Elizabethtown, KY and they show the city sign and the kids playing and the teenagers mowing the lawn and people he doesn't know waving at him and  pointing him in the right direction ...and then in the house when he realizes the life his dad had there and this amazing family that is loud and so very traditional.

All the while playing "My Father's Gun" by Elton John