15 May 2008


my half marathon is only 11 days away...i'm excited to accomplish it but i'm also excited to be able to walk down a flight of stairs and not have to grasp the hand rail for dear life in fear that my sore muscles will give way and i'll fall down and break a hip or something.

just finished my last week of classes and now finals this next week. i'm excited about my creative project for my 20th cetury art class that will depict all thats influenced me as i studied art from 1950-1990. just envision alot of mark rothko influence combined with a jenny holzer-like quote that says "the natural man is in a state contrary to natural happiness" i got the quote from the scriptures, somewhere in alma to be exact. and i think it describes how i feel about being almost subjected to so much banality and de-sensitizing truths through studying post-modern art. my question is, if THAT was post-modern...what are people producing now?

why didn't anyone warn me of all this when i signed up to have my emphasis in 20th c. art? that's def being switched to 19th c. with pretty monet's and renoir's! because at the end of the day when people out there are stuck in their world of over analyzation (which i end up being subjected to to get a good grade) i come home to my wonderful house, and wonderful trinckettes that bring smiles to my face. and maybe i'll sit and talk on the phone for an hour or so with my mom. make some dinner. or go excercise and spend the evening relaxing with my boyfriend who is my bestest friend in the whole world. you tell me then, when does all the questioning of banality or the surface deep structures of the media, when does that all matter in the grand scheme of things? when does that all matter when all i really want in life is to raise a family strong in the church and consume myself with that. my knowledge that i obtain through school will not be about over-analyzing the world around me, but analyzing a way to better live the life i have and therefore grow into a stronger person, who will help others grow someday as well.

that's why i think the natural man really is in a state contrary to natural happiness.

i will not be a part of the art world in that way. i'm so sorry karen.

13 May 2008

a portfolio of sorts.

sometimes i chew so much gum that my jaw aches for days. that's been happening alot lately with my latest obsession with strawberry-banana gum.

on that note, here's some photos from over the years...i hope what they say is the truth, dreams do come true.