29 October 2010

day Twenty-One.

day 21: your favorite television program

I guess I already hinted at this but...I mean how could I not? Trevor and I used to wake up early on Summer Days just to catch the full hour of Lucy that would come on before we had to switch over to The Price is Right. I mean really, the woman was a genius.

This is one of my many favorite favorite parts:

21 October 2010

day Twenty.

day 20: a letter to someone that changed your life

Just one someone? How do I choose between all my family members? Well obviously my mom changed my life and continues to change it day-to-day.
And I already wrote a letter to Robert...
So oddly enough this letter is going to Mr. Tremonti, my Middle School band director (I played the clarinet)

Dear Mr. Tremonti,

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for realizing that every time someone "challenged" me to move up a chair that I was just so gosh awful nervous that my hands wouldn't stay steady and that's why I lost every time. Thank you especially for the time I lost and you decided to add a 10th chair to 1st clarinet, making me the only 7th grader playing 1st clarinet. Because I could hit the notes, and you knew it.
Thank you for lecturing us everyday that life is hard, so be quiet and play.
Thank you for making us watch "The Music Man" at least 3 times a year.
I say thank you for all these things because I'm pretty sure you took a beyond shy 11 year-old girl and helped her see that she is good at things, but mostly that people believe in her.

That lesson definitely changed me for good.

take care,
Kari Williams (Simonsen)

15 October 2010

day Nineteen.

day 19: whatever tickles your fancy

Oh I had a nightmare last night. A nightmare of great nightmarish proportions. It was like I was 8 again, I couldn't sleep and every creek in the house had me repeating "it was just a dream, it was just a dream, it was just a dream."

The only thing keeping me from turning on all the lights in the house, picking up my phone and dialing my momma is that I know she'd have it in for me for calling her at 3am.
You're welcome mom.

I feel the need to explain my dream so that it doesn't haunt me anymore. So here it goes:

I was busy getting lost and then studying (for Robert's test for him) on the LB state campus (but of course it looked nothing like LB state.). The sun was setting and it was so shockingly beautiful that everyone in the area (the library had quickly transformed into an outdoor eating/relaxing area overlooking a lake - naturally) had stopped what they were doing and were taking photos on their phones and most likely posting them on twitter.

Suddenly I'm at my mom's house. Inside and out running frantically searching for her.

Next thing I know I'm on the driveway looking into the opened garage door. There is a man that resembles someone I know, but don't really know. He is searching for something. My mom's garage is a mess (which is SO not my mom's garage) And I ask him where my mom is. He starts rambling saying something about "we need to figure out what to do with it", I scream at him "what happened?!?" as I notice fallen boxes in the corner. He starts explaining that "you shouldn't leave a chainsaw hanging around, someone might fall on it." He's nervous and obviously crazy and soon I realize that under those fallen boxes is my mother, she was gone and this man did it.
So I start to run, not sure where to go as the neighbors I never knew, but one. Sister Kaiser, yes, Sister Kaiser will help me.
Dream ends with me sobbing and running (but not getting anywhere of course) and looking behind me to see that no one is following me.

ick. ick. ick. There is NOTHING worse than having a dream about a dead loved one, let alone your mother.

I looked up on dream interpretation websites what some of it could mean, I thought this was interesting:
In dreams, death is a metaphor for change and separation.

All I know is it freaked me out, it's been a long time since I've had that strong of an emotion in a dream.
And thankfully Robert was up to riding his bike along side of me on my run this morning. Because I was not about to go outside, in the dark, with dream murderers out there.

Also, I love you mom, you better live until you're at least 100.

12 October 2010

day Eighteen.

day 18: set or share a goal

I've had a goal recently that is especially hard for girls. That is to talk less about others in an unflattering way.
AKA: stop gossiping.
The word gossip alone sends shivers down my spine.
also, you have NO idea how hard this has been today. I may have faltered a bit.
Oh and if you need a lesson on gossip, Lucy never disappoints:

"that is all."

11 October 2010

day Seventeen.

day 17: a photo that makes you sad

How depressing is this? Well let's just post one that makes me NOSTALGIC which in a way is something that often makes people sad:

circa 2006, me and the newly married Fenns in their Corona apt.

See, it doesn't make me sad. just nostalgic to a time in my life where I had really great friends that I could go visit when I needed to escape the craziness that was HB singlehood. I had cute short hair, I was skinnier than I am now. And did I mention I had great friends?

Oh and I was so magically falling in love with Robert and the time which gave life an extra spice.

Not sad...just different and oh so good.

04 October 2010

day Sixteen.

day 16: provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes

Would I call all of these crushes? Meh, maybe. More like, I will always like their music/movies because I don't know them, I just know who they play. And ok, they're nice to look at.


Ryan Gosling - The Notebook won me over what can I say?

Justin Timberlake - this crush will never die.

Matt Damon - Jason Bourne, I mean really, who doesn't love him in those movies?

Casey Affleck - Ocean's movies won me over, "The Assassination of Jesse James" sealed the deal.

Matthew MacFayden - of course I only put him in there because he plays Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice. duh.

day Fifteen.

day 15: a letter to someone you wish you could meet

Dear Lucille Ball,

Mostly I was just wondering if you kept any of your wardrobe from the show? Because alot of your outfits are simply to die for.

Oh and thanks for keeping me laughing at the same jokes for about 20 years now.