14 August 2009


1. Feelin' woozy today...and it's Friday, naturally.

2. My nose has been cold for 4 hours now.

3. Did you ever have friends like mine in 4th grade where during lunch they decided they didn't like you anymore for no rhyme or reason? This feeling has been on my surface of feelings for a couple weeks now...I love you guys, what did I do?

4. Finding adorable plates for my plate wall is proving to be difficult.

5. I cannot wait to move out of our dark-smoke filled-hole in a wall apt into a beautiful ground floor one with lots of windows...c'mon Woodcrest, let us in already!

6. I've already decorated said apartment in my head.

7. Sometimes I stop caring but then I start again, and I hang out with people that care alot-almost too much...and I remember why I stopped caring, and I stop.

8. I like Ina Garten (of Barefoot Contessa) but then again I don't when I realize she's so caught up in her East Hampton bubble.

9. I've created a new dream of a house right on Newport Beach, 51st-54th street to be exact, that way I wouldn't have to freeze if I wanted to see Robert surf.

10. I haven't decided about going back to school yet. And I really need to.

05 August 2009


So for the past few days I've been entertaining the idea of going back to school to get my baking and pastry arts skill certificate. Yes, I know a certificate won't mean much...but I just want to learn! And someday open my very own shop...and when I say someday I mean some really far far off day... :)

Would you guys buy all your anniversary, child's birthday and red hat lady cakes from me?

I need to do something better than this job and just looking forward to having babies isn't going to cut it.
And, naturally I'd eventually compete on a Food Network Challenge and blow Kerry Vincent's mind.