31 March 2007

fond of Y.O.U.

80's prom...where i forgot my social skills. then i came home and had a dream, a dreamer's dream of course...but it was wonderful, that's all i can say.

"mom, i find myself jobless, schoolless, and worst of all boyfriendless...i'm coming home." and ventura thrift shops, its been soooo long. stoked.

empty house, everyone left for the party i decided to veto. and i've eaten TWO, count them TWO cadbury creme eggs tonight...guess its ok if i didnt have dinner. and i guess its even more ok that i'm not obese so i really got to stop thinking like i am.

after an hour of shopping...let's just say target's system was down and i walked out empty handed. patience tests. hit me with your best shot.

"...the books sat on the shelf lookin' much smarter than me..." ok modest mouse i'll start on my term paper...rawr.
spriiiing break. yeah. not tootin' my own horn here, more like pointing out my sad life. but when my literature proffessor was talking about those all of 3 people that will actually be on campuse during spring break and have never really had a spring break...i just sunk into my chair realizing that is me...i take my breaks during the school year i think, i think i've got it all wrong. did i mention i'm home alone on a saturday in HB...?

06 March 2007

be here now.

you thought i had abandoned you eh? well, i almost did. but here i am at home at 8:45 at night alone for the first time in months, because his best friend just got dumped, so they went to have boy time. i've had him time all day, so its only fair.

its like a breath of fresh air really, these past 11 weeks, worshiping every step of each others as if we've known about this for years. almost like we have. we're best friends, thats what matters most, we have fun, who would've thought? so i've dissappeared. so what. let me tell you its been hard to make these piersiders my real genuine friends, dont get me wrong, they are, but i miss my mofo. bad. and recent contact with an what is now old friend has been a delightful surprise, i hope to see her soon, and it seems i've lost all contact with them up the mountain, don't know what i did, but i never see their faces anymore.

one day, it will be perfect. we have alot to look forward to.

22 in 2 days.
disneyland in 3 days.
home in 5 days.
midterms in 2 weeks.
Italy in 2 1/2 months.