21 June 2006

trev speaks spanish in his sleep.

the mountain they call magic was just that with friends i almost forgot i had. and love so deeply. mel is 21 now. ha-ha.

and the zoo today with bright young spirits running from exhibit to exhibit. i can still see the tarantulas in my head...eeek, keep walking bella.

so i don't know what i'm even doing/going to do anymore. Long Beach are a bunch of poopy heads, and i just want to go volunteer at that museum in Riverside and take those steps towards becoming that person i love. But where will i live? who else will be there to love? will my momma really dissapprove as she has lately? i'm her baby, i'm moving away, for good. well, my rooms a mess. i need a place to live with mormon girls anywhere between huntington beach, ca and riverside, ca. help me.

late night conversations
"are you seeeeping?"
what was that noise?
trev speaks spanish in his sleep.
remember when, remember that.
a trip, a couple flashbacks.
but i wouldn't trade this for the world

12 June 2006

see you in 10.

anthropologie was having a sale today. a big sale. i walked out of there empty handed.
i went to the thrift store and resisted the most perfect china set.
i substituted these cravings by making dinner.

a huge part of me wishes to be 30. y'know...decorating a home, cooking dinner, shopping at the market. and the thing is, i have always been this person.

then mel picked me up and reminded me what it was to be 21 again. park nights and skateboard lessons, hello.

11 June 2006

life would be a dream sweetheart.

why is it sometimes the best thing in the world to simply stay up kind of late, sit back on the phone at eat ginger snaps. i usually curse myself for ever eating past 7 o'clock, but i figure i got to live a little. i'm not obese, i need to realize that. and life is amazing no matter which way i look at it, no more whining. ok.

long beach hangs in the balance and so does my sanity at work.

gotta go get another ginger snap!