31 March 2009

mosaic me.

If I were a mosaic I would look like this:

want to make one of your own?
step 1: go to flickr.com
setp 2: in another window open http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/mosaic.php
step 3: choose 4 columns, 3 rows
step 4: answer the following questions in the search bar of flicker. pick your favorite one on the first page and paste it into your mosaic
1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One word to describe you.
12. Your nickname.

30 March 2009

if only...

if only it didn't take me until the age of 23 to realize that I want to be a pastry chef.
if only I had realized this 5 years ago
I'd be one, and I'd be making money.
But would my life have turned out this wonderfully?
Probably not.

thus my sub-par job wins out.

-Mrs. Williams.

26 March 2009


p.s. Why do all indie-rock art majors travel to Asia at some point in their lives? Is it a fad like smoothie joints and sushi?

I for one do enjoy the occasional indie song and majored in Art History (It's in the art buildings and I probably took more art classes than you ever will, so it counts!---excluding my awesome brother and his artist fiancee) and I have NO DESIRE to enter that continent. ever.

Of course this demise started after completing 3 years of required Asian art classes because the Art dept. was afraid they were to "Western centered" -- Well, I live in the West, and I like it here....bring on the impressionists, modernists, surrealists, renaissance-ists, and even the post-impressionists (I do love you Gaugin). That was 3 years spent worrying about things I fully intended to forget...sorry Prof. Brown.

Reason # 230, 928 that I want to live in the South, part of me feels this would not be a bother. I mean really, who from the South's ideal vacation is to Asia?

I am very conservative today.

lunch breaks.

My lunch was so strange today, thought I'd share:

11am: kiwi-eaten with spoon
12pm: half of a Luna bar--Dulce de Leche, not my fav. (hence the "half")
1pm: Cherry Diet Pepsi Big Gulp and overpriced vegetables and dip from 7-eleven.
1:30pm: one bite of BBQ Chicken Pizza leftover from client lunch
2pm: Crumpet with Huckleberry jam thanks to a co-worker who recently traveled to Solvang
2:45pm: 4 bites of snickers cheesecake that is determined to make it into Robert's mouth and not mine--also from client lunch.

I'm still hungry.

25 March 2009

oh you dreamer!

Remember that time the dreams wouldn't stop! They just get more vivid every time, and then he said "sometime" instead of "someday" and for some reason this was hope so they became increasingly strong.

What the heck is my rush?

I don't, then I do, I don't.............then I do. but really...I'm not.

20 March 2009

new favorites.

My new favorite place for yesterday is the Newport Walk-In Urgent Care.
Despite the girl behind the front desk who clearly needed a new vocation or a baby so she could quit or somethin, I had to ask her to repeat every word she said as it was muffled out by the blaring "Days of our Lives" in the background.
Nonetheless, I was the only person there! When have you ever heard of not having to wait at least 45 minutes in a walk-in clinic??
So she took me in, weighed me (much to my dismay as I haven't really worked out in a week), and took me into the room. Checked my vitals and asked my symptoms
"No, I'm not allergic to anything, No I'm not on medication..." which she soon realized was a lie as she said, "Could you be pregnant?" Me now realizing my answer to "Are you on any medication?" is "YES." not "NO." like it has been for 23 years...yikes, dodged that one.
Long story short, the doctor was very nice (even had the same last name as one of my college professors whose classes I always loved the best) and was very satisfied to know I don't drink or smoke and have never had an STD. I always get it "in" with the doctors this way, don't you?? They love mormons!

She gave me some antibiotics and a free sample of Nasonex--which is even more perfect for Robert. I haven't taken antibiotics since I had strep throat when I was about 9, it never seemed worth the trouble of going to the doctor and standing in horrendous pharmacy lines while through your delirious-still-sick-wish-you-could-sit-down state you start to convince yourself you need many of the overpriced goodies found in pharmacies such as the "Ped-Egg", when they finally call your name and then can't find your prescription even though you dropped it off 45 minutes earlier and even had time to go grocery shopping in between!! (No this didn't happen to me yesterday, why do you ask?)

Well, I'm feeling better already, I even did the dishes last night.

Side note: First day of Spring my you-know-what, it's the coldest it's been all week! I've been looking forward to this sweet sweet day of March for so long and you give me this Mother Nature! Srrsslllyy???

14 March 2009

first born.

favorite picture ever, taken Summer 2006
When my sister came over on that day in May of 2001 to tell us that she was pregnant just 4 months as a newlywed we were SO excited...Ms. Isabella was born in January as the first born grand child on both sides of her family, just like her mother. I now have 4 more nieces but Isabella has always held that special "first born" status for me, she's the first little girl that I've ever seen really grow, because I'm the youngest in my family.

Favorite memory with Bell? When she was about 2 and got about 1 inch from my face and whispered "Momo 'nack" meaning "elmo snack" a.k.a. elmo fruit snacks...and yes I gave in.

This tribute is long overdue since her birthday was a couple months back, but I just can't get those luscious red curls out of my head. I love you Ms. Isabella Sophia, you're turning into a beautiful young lady...ugh I can't believe she's 7.

most recent picture, January 2009

13 March 2009

oui? ou non?

should i get bangs? Robert mentioned it yesterday and I think it would either look really cute and be a nice twist on the straight bangs look but a little curly OR i could look like i'm trying for the cute bangs look but its gone awfully bad into a sort of early 90s look...i did a virtual makeover. HELP.

the past.

For the first time in my life I miss my past. Having moved a couple times when I was little, I always just erased my past, acted as if it didn't matter, while holding it all secretly near and dear to me.

This realization was sparked by me surfing the DVR the other morning and coming across the show "Gullah Gullah Island"

Well I always watched this show around the ages of 10-12 (I was a late bloomer) Anyways, I remember one time singing the theme song to this show at the TOP OF MY LUNGS with my brother on a ferris-wheel while my dad watched down below cracking up at his ridiculous children. and for the first time in a long time, I ached for those times to be real again.

06 March 2009

no interest.

I have no interest in food that does not have sugar in it.

an example of foods I will accept is: chocolate chip bagels. (what I'm eating as I write this)

I made twice baked potatoes last night, and after eating mine I realized that it wasn't as pleasant as I was hoping, the Cadbury Egg after dinner? perfect.

Now, I understand this is NO way to eat in your life (i.e. Marie Antoinette) but I can't help it! Mother Nature strikes again!

and for your drooling pleasure, a list of acceptable foods for my taste pallette lately:

-breads-esp. with blackberry jam

-pb and j sandwich

-cereal-any kind

-symphony bar cookie dough

-Plain, tart frozen yogurt

-fruits (something healthy!)



-chocolate milk

Most days I find myself eating smaller meals so that I can save more calories for my "2nd meal"--or what some people call dessert. Whatever.

I'm disgusting, the end.

p.s. perfect excuse for all this? Birthday weekend. yeah boyeee.

02 March 2009


I'm always resorting to the sour patch kids, that were meant for a movie trip but now sit in my desk drawer, when my blood sugar drops, and boy does it drop fast.
I'm just truckin' along when suddenly, out of nowhere I'm going to lose it and the only thing that will suffice? Delicious, chewy sour then sweet Sour Patch Kids.
Oh it's going to be another healthy day on birth control.
wretched i tell you.