08 December 2008

it's good to be loved.

selfish as it may seem...knowing you're loved is SO essential. so i thought i'd take this ego boost a little further and share this:

Robert: good for you you my little full time student
part time worker
house wife
Robert: i don't know how you do it all i so happy about you in my life

i cannot get enough of this guy.


I have a confession(s) to make:

i have been tired ever since we got back from Maui, at first i thought it was the lack of afternoon naps...then i thought it was the persistent cold i had...but now i think i know. I haven't been exercising like i normally do. so that is my confession, I'm tired because I'm lazy and therefore gaining weight. but you watch out Newport Back Bay Loop I'm comin to get ya!

also, i hate elevators. mostly i hate when I'm in the elevator in my work building and it stops just before that precious 'L' button is no longer lit up (ooh beautiful) because I've made it all 4 floors without stopping. just today, it stopped on the dreaded 3rd floor. i say dreaded because the sudden going and immediate stop makes my stomach qweezy. the door opened and there stood two people who had just immediately stopped their conversation as they saw me standing there waiting for them to walk into the elevator. and no, their conversation didn't continue until the woman had thoroughly looked me up and down for a good 10 seconds...all the while my eyes were wide open with a "serrriousslllyy??" look on my face. thank goodness for new-TVs now being put in elevators all over orange county...that way i could read about the failing economy and act like i was alone in that elevator. or is cricking your neck to stare at a screen placed way to high up due to low-budget management more awkward? the jury is still out.

also, i have a really hard time working more than 4 hours.

lastly, i haven't done ANY Christmas shopping and it is going to be here soon peoples..."Santa's comin to town!....SANTA!!!!!!!!!! I know him." can you tell robert and i watched 'Elf' last night.

05 December 2008


So it's weird but this morning i was listening to the NSYNC Christmas album and they talk alot about The King and they sing a really pretty "O Holy Night" it might just be nostalgia to back when my life was simpler and I remembered things better but it really helped me remember the true meaning of Christmas. Thanks Justin, JC, Lance, Joey and Chris.