25 June 2009

what's new cupcake?

The obsession is slowly setting in. How I long for the days to:
1. have a kitchen big enough and 2. have the money to spend on every baking tool I desire. (cakeart.com)

But for now I sit and gasp and drool over Bakerella's skillz...

But mostly, she won me over today with this:

and I think I'll make a variation of these for 4th of July:

She needs to be on a Food Network challenge, I'll be her assistant and we'll kick Bronwyn's bootay! (as outlined in many of my dreams)

Now I'm going to go buy one of her t-shirts.

19 June 2009

no pomp or circumstance.

Remember how I've been telling everyone that I was done with school...well I was done with the schooling part, but the lost transcripts, misunderstood GE's, etc. etc. part? Well I wasn't done with that. So for the past 6 or so months I've been battling with CSULB to give me my friggin' degree already...well as I do once a week I checked my account - this process is always somewhat depressing as it often says "Request Reviewed" because what is to be reviewed people?! But guess what?? This is what it said today:

: Kari Simonsen

- - - - - Degrees Awarded - - - - -
Degree : Bachelor of Arts
Confer Date : 2009-05-29
Plan : Major: Art: Art History

I GRADUATED!!! I officially am a proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts degree!

I got married one month before finishing school so it all kind of got lost in the process, so I just wanted to let everyone know that it's true I'm a college graduate!!!

12 June 2009

at what age...

So as I sat for my self-manicure today I strummed through my nail polish box and came across something I had completely forgotten about...

So I ask you, at what age is it not okay for a girl to wear neon pink nail polish...
Maybe when she starts to get wrinkly's? Check out those crow's feet around my eyes! Also, I've found extra lines around my mouth when I smile...at least they're just smile wrinkly's...for now.

02 June 2009

modest weddings, etc.

Mormon girls have it made these days when it comes to wedding dresses. The possibilities are endless!! Plus with these little lovelies on the market...it makes it that much more pleasant.If I had only stumbled upon these 10 months ago...but I did love my wedding dress...don't get me wrong.

Other things I'm craving a sewing/craft/office room filled with things like this:

What will August hold? (I know what you're thinking...what about JUNE and JULY? -- we all know what that holds--SUMMER greatness, i.e. watermelons, pool/beach times and bike riding to Balboa--DUH.)

-For my mom: a new home! My mother is the proud owner of a humble little mobile home in a 55+ community equipped with a pool and other lovely amenities. same city, just different ward, I'm so excited for this new adventure of hers! Sad to leave our old home (August will be our last big fam dinner there)...but this means so much happiness for her!

For us: New apt? The Mexican Riviera? Who knows?! -- no really, if you do, please fill me in.