28 July 2008

We deserve each other.

So friday night Robert and I had been planning on doing a double date in Hollywood with our summer friends Mike and Carly. So we head down there for what i think will be dinner, seeing the stars and taking lots of dorky pictures. i was even kinda looking forward to the chance to see a star homes tour...so we get there and eat at this cool place called UWink, it was established by the same guy that did Chuck 'e' Cheese and Atari. it was fun because we played trivia and pictionary-esque games the whole time we ate

So we're sitting there for forever enjoying our games, and i start to get ancy to go see the sites. so we leave and start walking down Hollywood blvd away from grauman's and the el capitan and most importantly the Disney Soda Fountain! so i'm just goin' with the flow and occasionally mention to Rob, "where are we going? we're walking reallly far." but he just makes up some excuse and i was having fun reading all the stars with him so i kinda shrugg it off. so then, we get right in front of the Pantages theatre and Carly says, "Rob i have to use the restroom." and then there's talk of wondering if the Pantages will let us use theirs even though we don't have tickets and i'm just like "yea right don't be silly guys." and then rob says "Well, you wanna go in there?" and my heart starts to race, and honestly from there on it was kinda a blur. all i remember is walking into this beautiful room with people trying to sell me programs and rob handing me a ticket. and i wanted to take pictures i was just in so much shock! i had been bugging him about wanting to see it since we started dating, and here he had bought the tickets forever ago and was able to keep it a surprise! what a great man i've grabbed...

The play was really good! it was Rob's first real Broadway play and it was like no other i've ever seen! the story was so good that intermission was long because i wanted to know what happens next! Now i just need to buy the soundtrack! This night i will never forget!
this is outside after the play, i think i was smiling that big all night.
on our way down the Blvd. everyone knew but me!

p.s. you all should make a point to go, it's ending this year!

17 July 2008


i remember the first time i read the word "hippocrates" in 8th grade i pronounced it "hippo-crates" and giggled for about an hour during SURE reading...

so i'm a hypcrite. i have not said a thing lately, but yet as i sit incredibly bored at work counting down the minutes until 2pm...i feel angsty when someone has not updated their blog. and most of them have children, so really, i'm just not nice.

anyways, the 4th was great! Instead of paying the $40 some bucks to run in the HB 4th of July 5k, i ran my own 5k, and the best part was PCH was closed so i got to run in the street on a beautiful cloudy Independence day morning. Then it was off to the parade/breakfast extravaganza

let's just say i ran for the table when the maple bars came out.

And we saw Ruby!

That night the fireworks were so good!

only in HB.

Since then it feels like the summer is flying by so fast! every week Rob and i have something planned! and during the week i feel like i live for the weekend! so i'm trying to make the best of my free time, what i have left of it that is.

Did you know today is Disneylands 53rd birthday?? yes, it is true, maybe i should make it a cake.

the other day my coworker/roommate asked a bunch of us "if you could be anything, do any profession and skills were not a matter you would just automatically have the skills and means to do it, what would it be?" at first i answered photographer, because i would love to be the person to make memories like this:

and don't get me wrong, that really is a serious dream of mine. but the more i considered the "means" being included, i decided i'd run a bakery. Not too posh like sprinkles, but not too ho-dunky hippy either, just right with shabby chic furniture and big multi-pane windows...i'd give out free mini-cupcakes every friday morning and i'd make maple everything and lots of sprinkles. and eventually it'd turn into a catering business and we'd do all those infamous mormon weddings where they don't serve dinner, just lots and lots of pastries. and when i have kids, they'd grow up there and help me decorate cup cakes, and those ones would be cheaper so more people would buy them and my kids would feel so needed. and we'd be successful and happy and everyone would love our shop. that's what i'd do.

Bob Marley is slowly becoming my anthem this summer, maybe its from all the fun times by the pool with him playing...either way, this is a summer for the record books.

07 July 2008


ok so i wasn't tagged...but i kinda miss myspace for my bored times at work, so enjoy!

Attached or Single? Attached.
Best Friend? Roberto. and mofo.
Cake or Pie? rainbow chip.
Day of Choice? March 8th.
Essential Items? chap stick, gum, phone, Robert.
Favorite Color? yellow.
Gummy Bears or Worms? sour gummy worms.
Home Town? Oxnard/Newbury Park
Indulgences? eating out, rite aid ice cream, thrift stores.
January or July? July.
Kids? for sure.
Like or Love? love <3
Marriage Date? I'll keep you posted...
Number of Siblings? five. Julie, mike, Erica and Trev.
Phobias/fears? the dark, and losing someone close to me.
Quotes? "let the beauty of what you love, be what you do."
Reason to Smile? summer time and silly robertito...
Season? Summer.
Tag Four: Mel, Natalie/David, josh/Kim, and Bethany
Unknown fact about me? i really like the smell of air conditioning.
Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals? i often order carne asada at Mexican restaurants these days.
X-Rays or Ultrasounds? ultrasounds because that means I'm married and pregnant.
Your Favorite Food? peanut butter, ice creams, oreos, breads.
Zodiac? Pisces.