30 January 2009


So I'm at work doing an order for staples and my boss asks me to get him these notebooks he likes, so I look them up and they're $60 bucks each. EACH! So I order them...
the irony? I have the exact same notebook that I got from my mother who didn't want it after someone had given it to her as a gift.
I feel rich.
and with this, I am happy.

13 January 2009


One new year's resolution that I have that I technically started soon after the wedding: own more high-heels.
I used to be strong in my anti-high heel-ness being an advocate of ballet flats of all shapes, sizes and colors but with my 2 pairs of 1 inch heels I find myself craving more...like a chocolate chip cookie, but one that makes you feel fabulous and skinny and beautiful.

Also, this day, January 13th, I realized that the reason I was (and am) so hot is because I live a good 5 miles from the beach now, up on a hill, that is practically Costa Mesa (but oh how we hold onto our Newport Beach zip code for dear life), this equals=no mother freakin ocean breeze! gah! How I miss my beach home! This startling realization led me to home shopping on Zillow for anything anything closer...my craziest obsession today (besides making chocolate chip cookies that don't flatten like cow pies) a $390, 000 home near Lido island in Newport beach, 998 sq. ft. 2 bed 2 bath. barely bigger than our apt now. but it would be ours. (http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/39-Cabrillo-St-111-Newport-Beach-CA-92663/61645166_zpid/)

by the way, I did it!

(oh and yes those are Scarlet red Fiesta dishes...dreams do come true!)

12 January 2009


I feel like I need to go bathe in a vat of lotion. Coconut scented lotion that is, in fact make it cocoa butter.
It is so hot, whose idea was it for it to be hot before I have completely embraced my white legs and felt confident to let them display themselves for the summer (that or smother them in self-tanner, the aerosol kind.), they're still too scared to come out into the world. Stop the madness!
But I do love it, today at Target I wanted to buy a new swimsuit, but quickly remembered it is merely January 12th...which means at least 3 more dreadful months of cold weather after this heat wave ends. But it also means less than 2 months 'til the birthday of yours truly! Mark your calendars folks, this girl's turning 24, and there's alot to wish for...except for love, stability and safety--I have those. Sanity on the other hand...welllll, stay tuned.

08 January 2009


getting depressed watching house hunters on hgtv.
sometimes i wish my whole family lived in the south or east somewhere. like we were all born there. that way moving all the way out there simply so i could get my dream $50,000 home wouldn't be so crazy, because it would be all we knew.
South Carolina seems nice. they have nice accents. and everytime Rachel Ray is there she eats lots of yummy food.

other than that, strange to think that i could get pregnant, like its a possibility. i mean i am on BC, but still i know a few people where that didn't work. not sayin' i'm ready just strange is all.

i hope there's not another earthquake.

05 January 2009

on forgetting.

So it's like the time I ran the 1/2 marathon, you see running 20 miles a week puts somewhat of a strain on your body and i soon could not walk as fast as my male counterpart due to achey muscles. And ever since I feel as if i have not recovered, I have become a slow walker. Now granted my dad used to call me "speedboat" to use sarcasm in the fact that i was slow, but i was little then and my puny little legs just didn't move like the rest of the kids.
In light of this I have also become forgetful. I thought it would go away after the wedding i really did. But now i find myself cutting apples and walking away from them and grabbing my purse and walking out the door. Or sometimes I remember in time and walk in and out of our apartment about 10 times before i finally make it all the way down the stairs. ok maybe 10 was an exaggeration but really i think my record is 4...3 days in a row.
So what is it that's on my mind forcing me to forget all mundane tasks...decorating. our apartment has maybe 3 pictures/whiteboards on the walls and it is driving me crazy. what's worse? I often sit paralyzed because i have no idea where to start, there's so much! and i love the task don't get me wrong...but it is awfully daunting at this point. Thus why i am constantly watching HGTV and the Style network.
First step: silhouettes.

02 January 2009


So I'm sick. again. this time it's the flu or something that i got from my sister on Christmas day. anyways I've just come to express my need for the "Snuggie" blanket, the "point and paint" paint brush oh and those things that hide your bra straps and make you have more cleavage-oh wait, i'm not a skank. ugh there are soooo many infommercials on the channels i like to watch they're starting to really brainwash me. If anyone wants to get me a snuggie for my birthday feel free.