17 March 2008

by request.

alot has happened....my birthday was March 8th, and i'm 23, ugh! the day started out good, i went running and afterwards headed over to Rob's after he was back from surfing to open my present! and he gave me the Canon powershot camera that i've wanted since before i can remember! yay!

then it was off to Thousand Oaks to eat at Claim Jumper for lunch with the fam, i got pizza because it was my birthday, yum!

after lunch rob and i went shopping in Ventura and later met up at my sister's house for Liv's 5th birthday party, since her birthday was just the day before.
it was a good day and the first birthday that i honestly kept forgetting it was my birthday, guess i'm old.

sunday after my birthday was good too, rob and i got up early and made crepes for a birthday brunch! and that night my roommates threw me a dessert party and all sorts of funny characters came...i like my ward alot.
then rob and i spent FHE at IHOP on monday to get Who-cakes, i couldn't wait to see that movie!

the week progressed and i got more and more bored at my job. and yesterday i went back to my momma's house for a family dinner to combine mine, mike's and erica's birthdays. it was alot of fun, my mom made lasagna and rainbow chip cake for me! we took pictures and played lots of games. and i got the grill i wanted! it has removable plates and i can make chicken or veggies, or waffles and cookies! it's perfect....

Easter is next week and for work i'm making mini marscapone and strawberry filled cupcakes, as well as an italian pasta salad for our work potluck lunch. i'm really excited to use my mini-cupcake pan...oh and i've already eaten my weight in robin eggs and mini eggs and cadbury eggs, easter candy is the death of me.

i've begun the training for my half marathon in august. i really just want to be able to run 13 miles about 3 times a week prior to the event, so i've started now. so far i'm up to 5 miles 4 times a week, and one aerobics class on saturday mornings. i felt like i was going to puke from working out so much on saturday, it was awesome!

melanie got into LONG BEACH! i knew she would...but it's such a relief! i'm going to have my bestest friend as my neighbor for the first time in like 6 years...thats exciting. i hope the OC lives up to its reputation for her. GO BEACH!

one more hour of work to go...i better start my homework.