04 October 2011


As of late:
• They have food network and hgtv in our hotel room in SLC, I see no reason to leave all day while roberts in class.
• I feel like everytime I watch Ina Garten she makes mussels, I really want to try them sometime, I always chicken out, literally.
• I ate the most delicious salad for lunch at Blue Lemon, fresh fast gourmet needs to be more common.
• Since being in Utah I've successfully napped and sleeped EmmaJane sans swing multiple times and I feel like a champion.
• Chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the BYU bookstore make a good breakfast when stuck in a hotel room without food.
• I forgot EmmaJane's nail clippers and it's starting to look like she has a nice french tip manicure going on, but they're really little disguised razor blades.
• I could hang out on temple square all day, especially the Joseph Smith Building, I love a good chandelier.
• I didn't bring enough diapers for miss poopy pants, I swear the mountain air has proven as a laxative for her.
• I really want to eat at the cracker barrel while we're here.
• Robert strained his back BAD, he can't even drive. He gets some sort of sickness on every vacation we've ever been on.
• I'm officially asking for white cooking wine for christmas.
• The other night we were driving back to our friends house where we were staying and EmmaJane woke up and was screaming louder than I've heard in a while so I just drove fast figuring she was hungry, when we get there I go to get her out and her bow is over her eyes, bad mom moment. We now have a no bows in the car rule.

08 August 2011

High hopes.

I don't think anyone should pass judgement on pacifier mothers until they become a human pacifier 8+ times a night...

04 May 2011


(fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!)

Bringing a child into this world that is being born into the covenant, means more to me than I ever thought it could. I am blessed.

03 May 2011

on there being a baby in my body.

circa 2006.
Remember how I thought I was fat in this picture?? Honey I hadn't seen nothing yet. Ha.

While half of my weight/enlargement is a big ole belly protruding from my body that I couldn't be happier about (really, I knew I'd get fat, that's not what this post is about - entirely), sometimes I stumble across pictures of my without-child self and I can honestly say, I have no recollection as to what it's like to not have a baby in your belly that you are always aware of.
Especially now that she kicks, she squirms, she burrows.
What was it like to be able to run 5 miles, sweat beyond what I thought I could sweat, nearly pass out, eat every 5 hours (instead of 1.5), work on house projects all day long without sofa-sitting breaks every half hour and drink Diet Coke at my leisure?
What was it like?!
It's really a bizarre feeling. Getting my body back to myself (for the most part - minus nursing), is going to be SO strange, I feel like I've been pregnant and have been limiting myself because it's not just ME, for years (and it's only been 7 months).

If there's anything I know, it's that I will forever be happy with my body whilst not pregnant, because man I looked and FELT gooooood. And that will be me at this time next year, but BONUS I'll have a sweet little babe to care for. win win!!

21 April 2011

it's like they're an entire generation of cocktail waitresses!

Oh I could watch this movie everyday and be satisfied.

I watched it last week after I decided to stay home after some rather unpleasant side-effects from my blood glucose level test (passed! woo!), and I keep reliving this scene in my mind among many.

18 March 2011

I had me a birthday.

...and now I'm 26. and 24 weeks pregnant (23 weeks seen above).
Those are my birthday tulips (from Robert) that are dead as of yesterday, I told Robert I needed new ones and he just laughed...
Also that shirt is huge on me (bought that way purposely) so it makes me look way huger than I am, this is what I like to think at least.
Also this picture, and every picture, of me in a yellow tone reaffirms how I do not look good in yellow...but its the color I own most of.
c'est la vie.

17 February 2011



15 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Do you see the shear glee on my face? Robert played left handed for me because it was Valentine's Day...and I kicked his trash. Also happens to be my highest score ever. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

11 February 2011

for the record...

...I LOVE being pregnant, and all the excitement with having my first little bit.

But...currently I have a migraine, am nauseated, my back is killing me, my arm hurts from the dTAP vaccine I got yesterday, my head feels fuzzy from the dTAP vaccine I got yesterday and I am so tired I could go to sleep right now for the rest of the day - and not regret it.

Why Heavenly Father decided pregnancy has to be so tough on our bodies is beyond me. But I am growing a human being, and that's pretty awesome.

19 January 2011

day Twenty-Five.

day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression

Dear weird man hired by another company that works on the same project as my company:

I knew you were 'off' from the first minute we met.

Dear everyone else:

I called it.


In pregnancy related news: I hate that I don't know what's going to taste AMAZING until after I've ordered/picked out my food. Often what tastes good is either what Robert ordered and not me or the pasta at the salad bar that I didn't get enough of. c'est la vie.

14 January 2011

day Twenty-Four.

day 24 time to face morph / http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//transformer/

This was pretty funny.

Me as an Afro-Caribbean:

Me as I would be painted by Botticelli:

Me as an East-Asian:

In other news I had my first irrational crying session last night due to pregnancy. This time I was crying because I had forgot to tell Robert about the sandwich I brought home for him (and left on the counter so it wasn't good anymore) after him asking me what he should eat for dinner at least 10 times as I laid on the couch miserable. I cried so hard it made me lose my dinner. awesome.