27 August 2008

maybe baby.

DISCLAIMER: we are not going to have kids right away.
but i just couldn't resist showing the world this tender moment between robert and our friends' baby Avery, they lived in Huntington Beach all summer, and Robert and her got pretty close, needless to say, we were pretty sad to see them go...

in other news, i was running on the beach this morning and i saw this bum sleeping on the same bench as he is every morning that i go running, sometimes i see him reading or sitting up, he seems pretty normal. but today as i ran past him a second time on my way home i saw him praying, his head was down, his arms were crossed, there's no doubt in my mind he was saying good morning to his Heavenly Father. and that was a comfort to me.

25 August 2008

curious cats.

Here's a better picture of my ring. i had to use the copy machine to get all the details, hence it attached to a rolled up piece of paper...

I'm still afraid to wear it to bed, i have no idea why but i have this nightmare of losing it in my sheets, even though losing it in your bed is probably one of the safest places to lose it, as compared to the first time my mom saw it in a dumpy gas station in the garment district of downtown LA. let's just say i wore it upside down for the rest of the day after all the creepy looks i got.

details: the band is only 1mm wide with diamonds have the way down, the center stone is 1.1 carats, and it is 14k yellow gold!

now i just can't wait to have my solid yellow gold band to go with it, because that means i'll be married! (and almost done with college :))

15 August 2008


Robert's word of the day a few days back was spoony:
spoony \SPOO-nee\, adjective:

1. Foolish; silly; excessively sentimental.
2. Foolishly or sentimentally in love.

that's us in a nutshell. well i'm sure you all already know but WE'RE ENGAGED! that's right, on Friday August 1st, 2008 Robert finally popped the question! eek!

what started out as simply our first road trip together, turned into the trip i will never ever forget! i love him and he loves me, and now its forever, gosh i love that man!

so as you can imagine these past two weeks i have been scrambling to get things done before i go back to school, and might i say i'm pretty proud of our progress...we have a temple date, my dress is being made, we have a reception location, we almost have a caterer, we have a cupcake lady, we have our honeymoon booked and after debating over invitations for a week, i've decided i don't care anymore so we're just using the ones that i originally liked long before marriage was actually in the picture. only 91 more days! woohooo!!

on another note, today is the first day since the engagement that i find myself bored at work, but i'm sure it won't last long. this being the case i found myself thinking this...

on my way to work i stopped by Pavillions to get cream cheese for bagels and i saw tree trimmers climbing up trees with the spike boots and everything and i was reminded of a story my good friend Zach once told me about a man who actually died from suffocation of being inside an old palm tree and choking on the dust and i thought...hmm that's kinda an ideal way to go. it was a pure accident, not saying it wasn't tragic and sad. but i think at my funeral i would like people to be saying "what a dork, she went and died on us." i want a good life, and i want it to be my time to go, but i would like people to be happy for me and laugh at my idiocy in accidental death. strange but it would be ideal for me.

this is the day after the engagement when we met up with practically his whole family at the Sacramento Temple for his nephew's wedding...I half felt bad for stealing the thunder of the wedding that day and half loved the fact that ours will be the next one!