21 May 2009

dang you achilles.

So this coming up Memorial Day has me dreaming of the days when I'd run 6 miles like it was nothing...and getting flashbacks of running through Laguna Hills with a sense of accomplishment! But thanks to my achilles issue...this will never happen again. It was a nice thought while it lasted. But the memory of being sore for 3 months straight helps me stick to my 3 mile runs.
BUT this Memorial Day also has me very excited that Summer is HERE. Well, almost. But a BBQ at the bro-in-laws with pool-time and most likely Bob Marley playing in the background can only mean one thing...hello my friend, my summer friend.

19 May 2009


photo cred: Marth Stewart, not me.

I often feel the need to bake just so I can make something beautiful. It's not the actual result I crave--if I crave anything, it's the batter.

Recent accomplishments: sugar cookies with royal icing, white chocolate raspberry cookies, key-lime cupcakes and double chocolate cupcakes.

That's all my gloating for now, I'll learn to document my culinary adventures before they get eaten up someday...
Also, it doesn't hurt to have the most adorable dishes and serverware ever. Always high on my list.

12 May 2009


So, for as long as I can remember when asked that fateful question of "Whose your favorite actor/actress?" I would say "Tom Hanks"...but now I feel just like I felt when I had a misunderstanding with a best friend and ending up losing that friend in the process (love you mega.)...Tom Hanks has broken my heart.
When news came out about what the show "Big Love" was doing, I followed the path of most of those of my faith and ignored the situation, not fueling the fire.
In this process I was ignorant to the truth behind the show was that Tom Hanks was the executive producer. Not only this but I stumbled upon some hurtful things he said concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in their support of Prop. 8.
One of the worst parts about this heartbreak is I had always heard that he was such a nice guy that was never mean or too snoody...well guess that changed.
I can't even say anymore--I'm honestly hurt, it's so strange. But just to name a few, here are some of my favorite movies, all involving Tom Hanks...

-Toy Story(s)
-You've Got Mail
-That Thing You Do!
-Forrest Gump
-Sleepless in Seattle
-A League of their Own
-The 'Burbs
-The Money Pit

ughhhhh...this is awful.

08 May 2009


note to self: do not go back to 3 years ago on your blog and read each post as a reminder of: how you've gotten no where with your goals, how you don't talk to the friends you had then that much anymore, how you weren't addicted to TV, how you loved your Moorpark professors 100x better than your Long Beach ones, how Luey has past, how the sun and wind flow through your mother's house on a Spring afternoon and doesn't in your tiny apt., how you'd take adventures to LA and all over just because, how you appreciated sunlight and green grass because you were surrounded by it-unlike this urban jungle.

just don't do it, you'll get sad.

too late.

07 May 2009

a few things.

1. High-waisted skirt(and a skirt everyday this week for that matter), flip-flops, no sweater and 75 degrees before 10am made my day this morning.

2. I actually charged my ipod today, my ipod is about 4 years old-really old in computer years and no longer holds a charge for longer than an hour, therefore it requires me to charge it often, which doesn't often happen.

3. Listening to MY music on the way to work, really brightened my day, it's what's been missing.

4. Today is a happy today, today is Thursday night date night! This used to be a tradition between Robert and I when I worked at Bloomingdale's and would often have to close BOTH Friday and Saturday nights, moving our date night to Thursday. It's nostalgia, it keeps our romance alive.

5. I went to our Stake Women's Conference last night and Sister Kathy Clayton spoke (married to Elder Clayton of the Seventy) and she spoke about the long tradition of women wanting to control things and listed things that we CAN'T control, things we SHOULDN'T control, and things we really DON'T WANT to control. It was really good and eye opening, it's amazing what marriage does to you as a woman. I have this child, who is grown up and won't listen to me, but he shouldn't we need to make decisions together and that is what I'm grateful for, having married someone who is smarter than me.

6. I ate an artichoke last night for dinner while watching Pride & Prejudice, I finished the artichoke but not the movie and cannot wait to indulge myself further in it today.

01 May 2009

artist check.

If you have a chance check out this guy's work. His name is Peter Funch and he 'creates mind-bending images by setting up his camera in one spot, shooting pictures for several days at a time, then using Photoshop to blend the separate photographs in thematic ways.'