19 January 2011

day Twenty-Five.

day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression

Dear weird man hired by another company that works on the same project as my company:

I knew you were 'off' from the first minute we met.

Dear everyone else:

I called it.


In pregnancy related news: I hate that I don't know what's going to taste AMAZING until after I've ordered/picked out my food. Often what tastes good is either what Robert ordered and not me or the pasta at the salad bar that I didn't get enough of. c'est la vie.

14 January 2011

day Twenty-Four.

day 24 time to face morph / http://morph.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk//transformer/

This was pretty funny.

Me as an Afro-Caribbean:

Me as I would be painted by Botticelli:

Me as an East-Asian:

In other news I had my first irrational crying session last night due to pregnancy. This time I was crying because I had forgot to tell Robert about the sandwich I brought home for him (and left on the counter so it wasn't good anymore) after him asking me what he should eat for dinner at least 10 times as I laid on the couch miserable. I cried so hard it made me lose my dinner. awesome.