21 February 2008


Rob and i have started a new tradition of taking little walks every Sunday morning since church doesn't start until 2:30...the bolsa chica wet lands are so close and have been so beautiful to us...

On this day the water was like glass, so refreshing:

its really the funnest thing ever being with someone for over a year and finding new ways still to fall in love with them, i had no idea rob loved nature so much. getting out and enjoying the fresh air is the perfect start to my week, things just seem clearer.

wanna hear something disgusting? this morning during my run i felt something hit my eye, but i couldn't find anything with my finger and it didn't hurt so i kept going, later (about 1 hour later) when i was doing my make up this black thing emerged and it was a little baby fly! the worst part?...its not the first time it's happened.

Now, we're going to disneyland, and while we're there i'm going to eat chocolates.

05 February 2008

Somethin to look at

Tonight Rob and i went into the hot tub at my new complex, its so nice and cozy warm over there! but i had to get out before i got too sentimental about my swimsuit poofing up making it look like i was pregnant...
These are a few pictures i found on my camera i forgot i had

This is what its like to go to Long Beach state, its like the only place in the l.a. that experiences seasons, my favorite is fall (this was taken in december during finals week) everything is SO yellow and brown...
This is Rob starving waiting for his bagel at Noah's. Where we ate lunch for our anniversary. This is what i get to be with everyday, its ok to be jealous.

This is from last summer, one of our favorite places to be, California Adventure at night.

Also from last summer, this is me, Rob, Mel and Troy riding space mountain. and yes, Troy really was on the phone.

Happy Happy Anniversary day! like two little kids in a candy shop...