31 January 2008

Comment t-allez vous?

All I see everywhere i go are Rothko and Morris paintings...maybe even a few Schnabels. School has started again and i just got out of my Seminar class scared you know what-less...about 8 hours of reading a week, plus massive amounts of discussions and papers...time to be a real art historian, it's too soon!

We've moved! Our new home is so beautiful and not moldy! plus we have a pool and spa and were in a gated community, really doesn't get much better. but i suffer from a disorder that i cannot have peace or concentrate on other things unless my house is pretty...been working on it all week and i actually scored big time at goodwill yesterday, nothing like $300 worth of merchandise for around $80. so i cooked rob dinner for the first time in a month on tuesday, i made Giada's mac and cheese with egg noodles and fontina cheese with ham, it was the perfect start to my new life in my house, then we went to get root beer floats from a&w, they are just not the same anymore.

my last day at bloomingdale's is next monday and so i'm stocking up on using my discount while i can, so far i've got a new pair of seven's, 3 dior mascaras, and i'm going to the other store hopefully tomorrow to pick out a handbag, because they carry chanel over there...then i'll be poor for a while, but its worth it, its the little expensive things in life y'know? but i cant wait to start my new job! i'm going to be a marketing assisstant, office assisstant really, for Lieberman Research Worldwide! everyone says it might be boring but can you believe i've NEVER had an office job before! so this is pretty exciting to me...i like faxing stuff.

mann i know so many people who are engaged right now! mega, hannah, darcy, my sister! yep her and josh are tieing the knot in vegas this halloween! and as we start the planning slowly yet surely i'm getting more and more surprised at how classical she is...with skull and crossbones of course, man i love her...so happy for everyone! ok maybe 90% happy, 10% jealous.........make that 80-20.....ok 75-25.......

anyways, this is one of my favorite paintings so far as i plan my notes for the semester:

its by Jackson Pollock and its called "Portrait of a Dream" beautiful colors...if there was anything EVERYONE can appreciate from Pollock, its his colors...

A bientot mes amis.