17 February 2011



15 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Do you see the shear glee on my face? Robert played left handed for me because it was Valentine's Day...and I kicked his trash. Also happens to be my highest score ever. Happy Valentine's Day to me!

11 February 2011

for the record...

...I LOVE being pregnant, and all the excitement with having my first little bit.

But...currently I have a migraine, am nauseated, my back is killing me, my arm hurts from the dTAP vaccine I got yesterday, my head feels fuzzy from the dTAP vaccine I got yesterday and I am so tired I could go to sleep right now for the rest of the day - and not regret it.

Why Heavenly Father decided pregnancy has to be so tough on our bodies is beyond me. But I am growing a human being, and that's pretty awesome.