30 January 2010

la musique.

I'm kind of a chameleon when it comes to music. I go through moods on what I like by seasons it seems. But there are a few bands that I have a deep love for and will always let play when their song comes on my ipod while it is on shuffle, and they are:

  • Modest Mouse
  • Rilo Kiley
  • Mason Jennings
  • Spice Girls

an odd mix but I love them.

the end.

26 January 2010

gots me some red hairs.

Took this photo last week to send to me seesters. (and share with me tweeters).
Favorite reactions thus far to my red hair:
Julie: "What?!?" via text
Erica: "I do." (this made my list because of how matter of fact she was about it, can always depend on her to like a good hair color change.)
Madison: (at random times throughout our double date) "I love it." - thanks babycakes.
Numerous co-workers: "You're a natural red head though right?"
and last but not least, Sister Barnes: "Kari!!! What did you do to your hair?!?!?!?!?!?!"
I like it.

08 January 2010

prayers needed.

Mi grand-mama is in the hospital today awaiting to go under heart by-pass surgery. The doctor's diagnosed her with congested heart failure.
I hate those three words, for they are the three words that took my father's life 14 years ago.

Please pray for the woman I inherited much from. And for her husband who I'm sure, knowing their type of love, is not doing so well either.

Love you grandma.

04 January 2010


...to go back.

So I felt this aching before, but then Christmas distracted me. Now it's back, and I'm ready to go.