23 February 2010

Saturday in the park.

While Robert takes his PE prep class I decided to start a new tradition with my mom, we are going to visit different touristy attractions around LA, so we started with the LACMA this past Saturday.
It was SO fun for multiple reasons:
  1. I treasure the time I get one on one with my mom, she is so easy to talk to (duh.) and is one of the few people in my life I actually feel like I can keep talking and she really is truly interested! (duh.) - ok I know those are both obvious mom things, but it's really true.
  2. I remembered alot from college! Being an Art History major I was always just cruising through college, especially once I realized I might not do anything with my degree (cue passion for baking). But to my surprise (and I think my mom's too) I remembered alot! And helped her appreciate Modern and Contemporary art that much more . . . well some of it.
  3. I spent an afternoon with my mom, what more could a girl ask for?

So here's some proof of the fun:

A beautiful view from the bcam. on a walk around the museums - the best part of the LACMA is that it has grassy knolls all over and next door is the La Brea Tarpits so you get a peak at that museum too! My mom trying to appreciate the walk through sculpture . . . don't worry mom, I didn't get it either - my professors would be so ashamed.

Next month: The Getty Villa (really excited about that one!)

09 February 2010

Amber Day I mean Monroy...

Reunited with Amber last night (old high school friend, haven't seen her in at least 3 years), met her babies (one of which - Wren - is pictured here). It felt good to see her and see how she's still good ole Amber, aka super bubbly, super funny, super entertaining.

Favorites of the evening: McKinley crying her eyes out in her high chair (cue snot and tears all over her face), Amber's reaction: "Look at this girl, she looks so awesome." and then she continued our conversation...I could've laughed for hours on that one.

So good to see she's still her.

Love you Mrs. Monroy, leave Park City and come home!

06 February 2010

reminiscent or needy?

What I want back...

...my BLOND hair.
...SUMMER time.
...DAYTIME Disney trips.
...taking awesome photos like this whilst at Disney during the day.
...Disney trips with MOFO.
...at least I can control one of them - BLOND hair, I miss you so!