27 June 2008

mickey hats.

well let me start my introducing the newest member to the 23 club, Ms. Melanie Bean, ATC.

yes, that is cheese toast and yes we did have her birthday dinner at Sizzler, and YES i am going to try to convince Rob to let me go back there tonight.

They also have really good steak-sicles there.

it was really hot that weekend...Happy Birthday Mofo, hope you had as much fun as i did.

Robert and i also went to hike with my momma, i love those mountains, it's home.

on that trip to momma's i found my mickey hat, i was so excited to wear it last night

a bug family.

hope you enjoyed this, i sure did.

12 June 2008


This is a photo from one of the first times rob and i ever went to disneyland as a real "couple" about 1 week into dating....

and here's one from the last time we went, about a year and a half of silliness later...

it's good to know some things haven't changed much.

03 June 2008

running and graduating.

last week was a pretty crazy week. it started the friday before with carbo-loading to the extreme, well on whole wheat pasta and toast and raisins. boringggg.

then monday was race day, i couldn't sleep! i woke up at 4:45am! when we got down to the race it was raining! i was so scared!

of course i had to use the restroom...

then i got all stretched out

momma came too, here's me and her as i drink up my electrolytes

and here's proof that i finished...as if you were doubting me

then just a few days later it was fake-graduation time! yep, i "graduated" because i still have about 18 units left that will all be done as of this summer and fall, but they only have one ceremony a year, so the fam made it down for one eventful and super fun morning...

and now for the cutest baby palazuelos ever....

after nap-time, and i mean for me, rob, trev, and daniaelle not for nadia, it was down to laguna! the tide was high but it was beautiful as always...

i love that handsome beast.