23 April 2010


It's funny that I married someone who is never online. And if he is, it's to check the news, weather, housing prices...y'know grown-up stuff.
I on the other hand, have a long relationship with the internet. And by internet I mean the stuff that really matters like facebook (formerly myspace), blogs (formerly livejournals), twitter, etc...

It's true I had my first blog when I was 16 (since been deleted), I created my myspace when I was 18 (since been deleted), I remember first chatting online on AIM when I was about 11 and I've only been on twitter for a little over a year and I already have 546 tweets (is your good notion of me fading? because mine is...ha).

Anyways, these confessions have come about when my husband (being the almost anti-internet person he is) emailed me this news story about U.S. Students Suffering From Internet Addiction

So here's my last confession: I used to have to go to Starbucks or any place that would let me sit for hours and not give me free internet so that I could actually finish my term papers.

There you have it, I guess I'm addicted to the internet. BUT I must say, I do not have an internet capable phone because that my friends, would be the end of me.

02 April 2010

4 years ago today...

...I was, and I quote:

"feeling the joy."

4 years has done alot to me, and to people I know.

But in one-month we will all gather together again to see them married and it will be fun and warm and happy...even if some of us are still without babies. But in a way, that is a blessing. And in a way, we are happy because of it.

And in a way, I miss 2006 sometimes.

and in other ways...I don't.

Time flies.