04 October 2011


As of late:
• They have food network and hgtv in our hotel room in SLC, I see no reason to leave all day while roberts in class.
• I feel like everytime I watch Ina Garten she makes mussels, I really want to try them sometime, I always chicken out, literally.
• I ate the most delicious salad for lunch at Blue Lemon, fresh fast gourmet needs to be more common.
• Since being in Utah I've successfully napped and sleeped EmmaJane sans swing multiple times and I feel like a champion.
• Chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the BYU bookstore make a good breakfast when stuck in a hotel room without food.
• I forgot EmmaJane's nail clippers and it's starting to look like she has a nice french tip manicure going on, but they're really little disguised razor blades.
• I could hang out on temple square all day, especially the Joseph Smith Building, I love a good chandelier.
• I didn't bring enough diapers for miss poopy pants, I swear the mountain air has proven as a laxative for her.
• I really want to eat at the cracker barrel while we're here.
• Robert strained his back BAD, he can't even drive. He gets some sort of sickness on every vacation we've ever been on.
• I'm officially asking for white cooking wine for christmas.
• The other night we were driving back to our friends house where we were staying and EmmaJane woke up and was screaming louder than I've heard in a while so I just drove fast figuring she was hungry, when we get there I go to get her out and her bow is over her eyes, bad mom moment. We now have a no bows in the car rule.