23 February 2009

something extra.

so yesterday I was not paying attention in Sunday school and going through Robert's phone and i stumbled upon my birthday (ok I was really checking that he had his own wife's birthday in his phone) and it said "Kari Williams's Birthday" and it hit me "WILLIAMS'S" is incorrect it should be "WILLIAMS'" and now I am satisfied even more by my decision to marry Robert because now I am one of those cool people who don't need an "s" and just a apostrophe. I always did envy them a little.

why this tooke me so long to realize, not sure.

18 February 2009

and now for a memory.

There was one day that I drove too far in traffic to not exactly enjoy the company of some of the people I came across. Thoroughly disappointed I headed home in time to wish another friend, a new friend, a happy birthday.
With a stop at home to put on my new forever 21 jacket, I walked down the street.
To my surprise, the person I really came to see (which wasn't the birthday boy) was standing right out front.
Awkwardly I spoke to some acquaintances waiting for him to be done with his conversation also so that I might "casually" say my hellos on my way into the base-bumping party that awaited indoors, even though I had no intention of dancing.
His conversation was long, and my acquaintances and I could not hold each other's attention for too long.
So, mildly disappointed, I proceeded to walk past my object of coming to the party and insisted that there would be another chance for exchanging of "casual" hellos.
As I stepped next to him, which was needed as he stood next to the path that led to the door, he grabbed my arm and held me there and continued to tell whoever he was chatting with that it was good talking to them.
He pulled me around and gave me a hug and said, "Where have you been??"
he was looking for me? Shocked, nervous, heart racing I gave my excuse of the long trip I took that wasn't exactly an ideal day.
Before he let me get too nervous, which I'm sure was horribly obvious, he changed the subject and said, "I hear you like Modest Mouse."
Our conversation continued far past the point of "keeping him wanting more" and it was dreadful when we realized maybe we should keep "the game" going for a little longer.
I had just met him 3 weeks before and I was hooked.

Good thing I married him.

16 February 2009


Today on my list of things to do:

-Make baby shower favors
-Make dinner
-Clean our apt.
-Rent "Sense and Sensibility"
-Start reading "Pride and Prejudice"
-Gym to work off those Valentine chocolates

I love being a woman.