18 September 2012

day Twenty-Six.

day 26: favorite books

Remember when I started this? And then I got pregnant and never finished it? Well let's try this again.

So day 26.

Favorite books, I'm going to put a disclaimer that the BOM is a given. Other than that here are some others I find myself thinking about a lot, so that means I loved it I guess.
 "Marie Antoinette: The Journey" by Antonia Fraser.
As you can see in the circle it says "the book that inspired the film" so after seeing that I had to read it because I love love love that movie. And it didn't disappoint. It gave such a great in depth biography of Marie Antoinette from birth to death. I had so many questions about her and I feel like I got a lot answered. I think I need to read it again though.
"Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen.
Yeah, yeah, surprise, surprise. I can't deny that P&P is by far my favorite Jane Austen novel. But something not so normal about Jane Austen lovers is that Jane Bennet (think emmaJANE) is actually my favorite female Jane Austen character - as opposed to Elizabeth, though I do appreciate the complexity and boldness (for that era) of her personality. But overall Mr. Darcy wins by a landslide, I mean how do you deny someone who uses words like "ardently" in describing love? ((swoon))

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