21 October 2012

day Thirty-One.

day 31: whatever tickles your fancy

Sequoia Nat'l Park - November 2010
There's a street that I pass on my way to church called "Rainier" and of course it always makes me think of Mount Rainier which I've actually never been to, but I would really love to.
Then my mind starts wondering to all the national and state parks I have been to and how grateful I am to have had those experiences...

...like Yellowstone when all the geysers smelled like bad farts, so then Trevor's farts started smelling like the geysers.
...and Arches when it was so hot so mom and I decided not to hike the whole trail to see Delicate Arch, and I've regretted it ever since.
...and Canyonlands when the 'cracks' in the land seemed to go on and on and on forever.
...and The Grand Tetons when we rafted on the Snake river and I was so scared but it was also one of the coolest things I've ever done.
...and Yosemite when really one of the only things I remember is driving out of the park listening to Mike sing all the words to "Bust A Move" so perfectly. oh and that we stayed in a hotel with a serial killer. true story.
...and Bryce Canyon when it was just me and mom on our way home to CA.
...and Sequoia when we saw 3 bears and I fell on my booty on the ice, all while being secretly pregnant and on the verge of losing my lunch the entire time (thank you EmmaJane).

and there's so many more, but man oh man do I feel blessed when I think about all these amazing experiences I've had mostly thanks to my mother who loves nature so much that she's engrained it into me. Thanks mom, can't wait to continue the tradition with my kiddos!

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