16 October 2012

day Thirty.

day 30: a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only one day

Dear lady at the gate to Fort Pulaski in Savannah, GA,

That moment when you with your thick southern accent asked us if we had ever been to the fort and we replied "no" and then you continued on to give us a brief history of the fort, explained what was currently happening there (they were filming "The Conspirator" and I saw Robert Redford and James McAvoy - swoon!). And then when you started explaining the anatomy of the fort itself one line in particular will never be forgotten, you said "...and you see those big ole' gashes in the sides there? That's where the Yankees hit our fort." It was the tone you used. You weren't referring to old times when it was Yankees vs. Confederates...you were speaking of current times when it IS Yankees vs. Confederates.

My eyes were opened a little more to the world that day
Thank you.

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