22 April 2013


Robert isn't home this evening, off at a work dinner.

So I had this grand plan to put EmmaJane to bed early and have time to myself to watch whatever I wanted and relax!

But I was a little slower to put her to bed.
And I read her 3 books (which I NEVER do - always just one).
And she resisted being put to bed and I kinda let her.
But then I didn't want it to go too far so...
I gave her kisses and hugs real quick-like,
and stuck her in the crib.
And she cried. And screamed "moooommmmmaaaaa!!!".
And she clung to her stuffed animals and blankets for any ounce of comfort.
And I said my usual "Night night EmmaJane, I love you, sleep tight sugar bite."

And I closed the door.

Then...I regretted it.
She cried harder.
Screamed my name even more pathetically.
I should've put off bedtime even longer.
I think I needed her as much as she needed me.

And that my friends, is motherhood to me.

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